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the definitions of college...

"_____" Junior
Refers to a man's penis as though it were his son. For example, Kevin's penis is "Kevin Junior"

1,000-yard stare
The ability to glean or completely bypass objects or events when highly intoxicated, such as doors, brushes w/ the law, or disco balls.

6-pack sprint
A game between buddies usually held before a football game where the goal is to finish a 6 pack of beer before your friends do.

6th Grader
A thin, wimpy little mustache that some freshmen try to grow, but resembles something of peach fuzz that starts growing on 6th grade boys.

70s Porn Star
A cheesy, bushy mustache that reminds you of those worn by 1970s porn stars (recalls the recurring skit with Will Farell and Tracy Morgan on SNL)

Abbreviation for Acute Commitment Anxiety. It is a common disorder in young collegiate students who often hookup with many different women. Also used to explain someone's behavior.

When you hook up with a chick and don't have sex, but just cuddle all night. Short for "Ass Hug" where you just spoon and snuggle.

I'll get ahold of you later for some beers and shots.

A person who is so ugly that they should be hunted down by Sigourney Weaver.

Apple for the Teacher
A person who is known to have banged/pleasured/moved in with, etc. a professor or instructor.

Around the World
A party theme in which participants move from room to room. Each room is decorated in a theme of a different country with the appropriate alcoholic beverages provided.

A simple drinking game that involves a hierarchy of players from president to asshole.

Ass To Mouth. Anal sex followed by some oral lovin.

ATM Bomb
As in "Dropping an ATM Bomb.” Refers to when you need some more cash thereby destroying your bank account.

Used to describe a girl: Body off Baywatch, Face off Crime Watch

Otherwise known as "Breath of Dog". One generally has this after a long night of beer chugging, ganja knockin, and frajee smokin (see: lung candy). Example, "Shit dude, I woke up this morning with some killer B.O.D.!"

Baby Batter

Bad Idea Jeans
When one behaves in a most idiotic fashion. (From SNL skit).
For example, "The guy trying to touch that cop's gun is wearing Bad Idea Jeans."

To go off the beaten path. For example, "Instead of just following the sidewalk, Slappy tried to go Baja and got lost in the woods -- what a tool."

Have sex with.

Bar Scar
All the wristbands and ink left over after making the rounds at the bars. Ex: By the look of those bar scars, you must have had a good night.

Someone who talks while holding the joint, inhibiting others from smoking. Derived from Barbara Walters.

Batton the hatches
The act of locking the door and placing a towel under it before toking in your dorm room.

Short for Bigger, Better Deals. Going out and trying to meet someone better, or trying to find a better party.

Short for "Bros before Hoes"--meaning that you're more loyal to your buds than you are to your girlfriend. The opposite is Chicks Before Dicks

An affectionate or pejorative nickname for a cheap beer called Milwaukee's Best.

A person who is really ugly!

Beat It Up
To have sex.

Beef Curtains
Much like a Camel Toe. When a girl drops the linens and the labia are hanging down like curtains. Also known as The Bacon Strip

Beer Bitch
The person sitting closest to the cooler or refrigerator at a party whose job it is to grab another beer when yours runs out. The most important person in drinking games espically for the president and asshole.

Beer Dash
(a/k/a "Beer Run", "Beer Sprint") Act performed by cheap/broke students who will wait outside a convenience store at night until the clerk is busy, then they will, enter, grab a 6/12 pack of beer and then take off running out the door.

Beer Goggles
One's perception when under the influence of alcohol. Often causes unattractive people to look hot, long distances to look jumpable, and break dancing moves to look easy.

Beer Muscles
A sudden increase in courage and combative abilities directly linked to alcohol consumption.

Beer Pong
A game played on a Ping Pong table in which cups of beer are set at each end. The object is to throw a ping pong ball into the opponents cup and then they drink from that cup...mutliple cups are used and when all the cups are finished on one side....they

Beer Scooter
After a night on the piss, the ability to walk home 5-6 miles without noticing the distance or waking up in your bed without any idea of how you got there--an almost mythical form of transport.
"How did you get home last night?"
"Fuck knows, I must have riden the beer scooter."

Beer Slut
A women at the party who will get on any guy that is providing free beer.

The ritual of stacking empties in a triangle formation.

A weekly malady suffered after a night on the pop. Symptoms include swollen, queasy stomach, headache, aversion to lights, short temper. As in, "No I haven't washed the car or even showered today. My beeriod has started."

A nerdier, more annoying, and much more desperate version of a Hanging Chad. Often someone who thinks they need to constantly swear in order to fit in, not knowing how stupid he or she really sounds.

A game that is the same as beer pong, just a different name and more cups. And more violent and messy.

Bent Me Over
An unpleasant result or painful conclusion to an event. For example, "That physics final bent me over."

Any girl that always gives head: Betty Blow Job.

One who is known as a Snob or Prep.

Butt Fucking Egypt- really far from campus, and/or civilization. Also called Bum Fuck Nowhere

(Bum Fuck Kentucky) and East Bum Fuck

Abbreviation for Beverly Hills 90210

Big Girl
No not a fat girl. But a girl who takes off her own pants, and doesn't wait till the guy does it.

To be all crazy over a guy. Comes from the film "The Sweetest Thing." ex. "Jess met Ryan last week, and ever since then, she has been acting all bijiggety over him."

Bitches in tha bathroom
Girls that go into the bathroom and do lines and act sketchy like zanballs.

Black Out Bandit
Someone who takes advantage of a very intoxicated member of the opposite sex.

Blowjob Face
The type of face on a pretty girl, that upon seeing it you immediately think of receiving oral sex. Sometimes this is characterized by pouty lips.

Blowjob Lips
Also called BJ Lips (see: DSL). These are the pouty, thick lips that immediately make you think about getting a blowjob.

The act of recieving a blow job on the toilet.

The opposite of "no."
Q: Was that you hooking up with my boyfriend last

A: Bo...

When something is F'ed up and doesn't work properly. "Man your bike is bobo!"

When a guy just somehow knows there's a hot girl around.

To be bent over by and exam or test.

Short for someone's boy/girl-friend. IE: She is my boo.

To steal. Often used about lighters. For example, "He just left without paying and boofed my lighter."

Far out of the way. Usually where you have to park your car in the student lot.

boot and rally
to drink until you puke then keep drinking afterwards

Something (or someone) fake or really cheap. See also Discount Booty (verb) To have sex with. As in, "Oh my god! You bootied her last night?"

Booze hound
Someone who drinks in excessive quantities and does so with regularity.

Booze Snooze
A nap taken early in the afternoon to prepare for the night's party, after you've already been drinking. See also Party Nap.

A girlfriend. Refers to her power and control over scarce resources, like sex.

One of those sorority chicks who wear those BIG-ASS BOWS on the back of their heads to class, to the pool, while jogging in those nylon shorts with the sorority letters on their butts, etc.

Breaking the Seal
Going pee pee for the first time while drinking. Once the seal is broken, restroom trips become much more frequent.

Broke Off
Getting rejected. Same as Shaqued.

A word describing an overwhelmingly ugly, disgusting, or infested female.

Bubble Letters
A "cute" font face used only by sorority girls. Often applied with paint pens.

An adjective used to decribe things that are overrated or trashy.

Buffalo Club
A ritual often practiced by freshmen. One variation involves always drinking with one's opposite hand. If caught drinking otherwise, the guilty party is forced to finish their drink.

Short for butt ugly.

Bullmoose Club
Same as Buffalo Club(at schools in NY)

Bump uglies
Have sex

Bust a nut
To ejactulate.

Someone not so attractive, where all kinds of things are just plain wrong, ex: "I saw Paula's boyfriend last night, man is he busted!"

Butter Tits
A girl who looks great, except she has either very strange looking tits or no tits at all. "Man everything is great about her...butter tits."

A girl who has a great body but not an attractive face. Comes from..."Everything looks good on her, but her face."

Bye Felicia
The term comes from the movie Friday, where Felicia the crack hoe, is always buggin someone and talking about stupid shit. All Ice Cube has to say is "Bye Felicia" and she shuts up. If the tool down the hall keeps coming in your room talking about

Camel Toe
When a girl's labia hang out on either side of her panties or swinsuit. The female version of Hanging Brains

When someone is talking or spacing out and not passing anyone the marijuana that's in his hands, he's camping with the bowl.

Cancer Sticks

When one's calves and ankles grow together.

Captain Funbags
Girl with above average sized chest and below average looks.

Cartilage Boy
Pathetic leftist loser who refuses to admit disagreements in politics are neccesary and good.

Cash Cow

Short for Chicks Before Dicks. Putting your girls before boyfriends.

A drinking competition. that consists of sitting down and drinking one shot of beer a minute for 100 minutes. You may not leave your chair for any reason, nor may you expel any bodily fluids (piss, puke, tears, etc). Played extensively by Canadian Enginee

Short for: Come Fuck Me's. Those big frumpy slutty shoes all the sorostitutes wear.

A cheesy male who thinks he's got game.

The guy that annoys the hell out of you, tags along whereever you go, and you can't get rid of him. Synonym of Hanging chad

Chew N'Screw
When you eat at a restruarant or diner and run out on the bill.

An unattractive girl who puts you in mind of the Star Wars character Chewbacca e.g."Did you see that Chewy that Ross was hittin' on last night?"

Clete Chaser
Girls, usually sororistutes, that want to get with Baseball players.

Clock in (also Punch the clock)
Visit a boyfriend/girlfriend out of a combination of obligation and fear. For example, "Hey, I'd love to drink and throw stuff off the roof with you guys, but I have to clock in with the boss or she'll cut me off."

A massive penis that makes your jaw drop.

Cock Block
When one guy in a group interferes with an another guy's efforts to score.

Cock Diesel
Muscular and fit. See also Ripped.

Being very collegiate at what you do (e.g., boozin, drugs and sleeping around)

Not wearing any underwear. "I haven't done laundry in so long, today I had to go commando." Good if it is a lady, bad if it is a guy.

Coors Light
Stands for Come On Over Real Soon Little Indian Girl Hot Tonight

Cooter Brown
Getting very, very drunk.

Couga or Couger
An old chick that is still hot.

Coyote fuck
Coyotes are known to chew off a leg to escape from steel traps. This term refers to the wish to remove an arm in order to escape after sex without waking the other person.

Crack the Spine
Opening a book for the first time. Often doesn't take place until the night before the finals. Commonly used during bragging sessions when someone is selling back a book claiming never to have opened it.

Crack itch.

Crotch itch. See also Crotch Rot

Cro-Magnon Man
A particularly rough looking male. Distinguishing marks include dirty fingernails, nappy hair, and a large sloping forehead. Named after the early human discovered by anthropologists.

Crotch Rot
Any number of fungi or other things that cause extreme itchiness and discomfort in the undercarriage.

Relating to hippie, out-doorsy, free-spirit, eco-friendly behavior

A term used to describe really good smoke or something really good.

A term exclaimed when a person is so annoying or stupid that you feel the urge to throw a dart at his or her face!

DDF (Distance Distortion Factor)
When a person of the opposite sex who looks good from far away but gets progressively worse as you get closer.

(DEE-BO-ed) To steal something from someone, or some where. "I just deboed the hell out of your seat." From the movie Friday.

Deja Booty
1) a situation in which an individual reunites with a former fling in a seemingly random - and often ironic - twist of fate.
2) a rare instance when one hooks up with a seemingly new person only to realize that they had hooked up in the past but forgot


Dinner Roll
A "dick trick" in which a man exposes his testicles and squeezes them in his closed fist. The appearance is similar to a dinner roll and has been known to fool a coed into touching it.

Used to describe an individual who has been around the block a few times. Might also imply STD or poor hygiene.

Dirty Thirty
A cheap 30-pack of beer, usually not the best tasting but well worth the money on a student's budget.

An adjective describing something that is of low quality or questionable origin. For example, "We got to the party and these discount Beastie Boys were just yelling into their mics."

Drunk On Arrival, a term used to describe getting drunk before going to a party, club or class.

"This party's might be good, but I think we should be DOA just to be safe."

Doing The Mickey
This is fully understood by watching the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. When you are Doing the Mickey you are not just making love to a woman, or charming a woman to fall in love with you. You are only Mickey worthy when you can get her to do the things Mick

Also known as "Head" or "blow job." Coming from the shape of the head of the penis.

Donkey Punch
The often talked about, yet rarely preformed, ritual of punching a girl in the back of the head during doggy-style intercourse. Not recommended.

A game played when somebody farts. The person breaking wind must yell "safty" before the others yell "doorknob", or they get to pound the shit out of him untill he grabs a doorknob. If you're out in the woods or something, you're fucked.

The art and science of holding and consuming two drinks at once in order to get drunk more efficiently.

When two girls that you're hookin up with show up at the same party.

Beer or Liquor. The yin to the yang of Eatie.

Dropping Ass
An extremely violent bowel movement after a weekend of bad bar food and beer, "Don't go in the bathroom, I just dropped ass like Hiroshima."

When you drink so much, that you become a constant victim to gravity. It's like gravity, but drunk.

Drunken Black Hole
The cosmic force delivers you to your room even though you have no idea how you got there.

when gravity takes effect after you have been drinking and one cannot use his or her motor skills correctly. "It's like gravity, but drunk!"

DSL (Dick Sucking Lips)
A term used by men when women are not around. A female version may exist, although a male has not ever heard it.

DTP (Drink Till Puke)
Term used to describe consuming alcholic beverages until puking them back up. This amount can vary greatly from person to person, but is almost always a whole hell of a lot.

DTR (Determine the Relationship)
An inevitable, yet painful, discussion that must take place in any relationship lasting longer than two weeks.

Duck butter
The build up of sweat in the crotch on hot days walking from one end of campus to the other in extreme heat or while dancing in a packed club.

Refers to someone who is over 200 lbs.

Short for "Designated Ugly Fat Friend." Every group of friends has one.

Short fo Dialing Under the Influence. Includes prank calling, booty calls, and other contact with ex-significant others.

Earning Your Red Wings
Going down on a girl on her period.

East Bum
Short for East Bum Fuck. Way out of the way. Even past the boonies. Usually the location of the off campus party you had to walk to.

Food or Women

ELF (Every Lady's Friend)
That guy with alot of hot girl friends but no chance to hook up with them.

Elusive Double Duece
In reference to a girl that is over 300 lbs that really should not be in skimpy clothes at a party.

English, to be
To drink in a dainty, high society fashion. Drinking just the minimum amount to stay in a club/party.

Exit Strategy
The plan to get out of relationship; usually developed after the second date. (Some people believe that this is only a guy thing.)

Fine Ass Bitch

Family Dog
Having to ride in the trunk of an SUV, same as riding in the Penalty Box.

Fancy Sleeping
This is laying in bed with a significant other but NOT actually hooking up. However, it often leads to a hook up.

Short for Full Body Explosion. When a person is so drunk they excrete from all three orifices at once, puking, pissing, and shitting themselves. Sometimes near a toilet, sometimes not. Also known as the Triple Threat

FBFE-Fucking Butt Fucking Egypt
No, really, this is the middle of nowhere.

Euphemism for "Fuck." As in, "He dropped the F-bomb in front of his parents by mistake."

Any good looking girl who is under the age of 18.

FFF (Feed, Fuck, Finance)
This term means when a male who wants to be more than a friend starts asking bug-a-boo questions such as "Where are you going," and "Who were you talking to on the phone," and its none of his business, then you ask him the 3-F question, "Do you Feed, Fuck

FFF (Forced Family Fun)
Activities that involve the whole family

FFP (Fatal First Pee/Piss)
Same as 'breaking the seal'. Once you've had the first pee, the need to pee becomes much more frequent .

FFS (Fat Friend Syndrome)
It's when you are trying to hook up with an attractive girl, but she is at the party with the inevitable fat friend of hers who talks her into leaving instead of staying with you.

Fifteen Minute Rule
If a professor is over 15 minutes late, the class may leave and not expect any repercussion. If the class is taught by a TA, the time is shortened considerably.

Fifty-Yard Fake
Same As Good From Far. When a girl looks good far away and as she gets closer she gets worse. "Man she was a 50-Yard Fake."

Five Star General
A girl who has slept with at least 5 members from the same frat or same team.

A girl/guy who you would only consider hooking up with at 5:00 to 3:00, when it looks as if all other avenues have been exhausted. This comes from Scotland, where the bars and clubs close at 3am; so the term can be altered to suit local closing times.

Fix Stuff
Break stuff. A sometime alcohol or sexual-frustration fuelled rage common in males at 2:00 am -- often involving bottle breaking and chest pounding.

Flat tire
An extremely annoying girl that won't shut up and doesn't bring to the table any looks.

Flip 'N F*ck
A small futon thingy--that is a small uncomfortable seat and folds out into a small uncomfortable mattress. Despite the name, rarely is it employed in bumpin' uglies.

Float a keg
To finish all the beer, thus making the keg float in its icy bath.

Fuckin' New Guys. New initiates to any club, fraternity or team.

A way to tell someone to "Fuck Off" within earshot of a professor or a dean.

Food Comma
The fatigue and sleepiness that sets in after a large meal.

Food Condition
The dramatic ups and downs that come from not eating all day then gorging yourself. It ranges from cranky to hyper.

Food Dog
An affectionate term given to Southern students for Food Lion Supermarket.

Acronym for "full of shit" "Those Team Jesus guys are so FOS."

A particularly annoying member of a fraternity

Freshman Fifteen
The 15 pounds put on by most college freshmen.

Any uneaten pizza left on the floor of a dorm room.

Froman fest
A sausage party. Refers to Abe Froman "The Sausage King of Chicago" from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Fromunda Cheese
After hooking up and before the morning shower, the residue left on your unit. AKA, the cheese fromunda your dick.

To drink before an event. Often because: you are underage, alcohol is too expensive at this place, or it is too boring to be sober when you show up (i.e. class).

F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition. Example: I got totally FUBARed last night.

Short for Fuck Buddy. A FUBU understands that there is no relationship beyond sex. "I have to meet up with my FUBU later for a little private time."

Fuckin' sweetheart
The type of girl that outshines the rest of the group.

This refers either to a guy who is a total piece of shit and is about as useful as an actual fuckstain.

Fucking Ugly. An unattractive guy or girl.

Performing oral sex on a person that has a fungus or a bad smell to them.

Short for Fat Upper Pelvic Area. Also known as a roll.

To steal something from someone or somewere. Same as Deboed. "I'm gonna gank your CD."

Guy Attention Syndrome. When a 6 thinks shes a 10 because all the sausage in the room has flocked to her. For example, "She's got a bad case of GAS"

God Damn Animal, also known as me.

Greek abbreviation for God Damn Independents

Get the Heisman
To get one's advances rejected. Comes from the stiff arm pose of the Heisman Trophy.

GFE - Go Fat Early
A clever stategy used when going out to get laid. Get a fat one early and work your way up from there. You can always fall back on fatty.

Low quality, cheap, or sketchy. "That 1988 Mazda Hatchback is so Ghetto."

Give him/her the business
Refers to the best act of procreation that one could muster with the hopes of return business.

Glaze your Seat
Making a female excited

Go cup
The cups you get to pour your bottle of beer in when leaving a bar, also used to describe personally made beverages that come with you to whatever festivities you're headed to.

Golf Party
A party in which participants form teams and go from room to room taking various shots of alcohol.

Good From Far
A girl (or a guy) who looks extremely hot from a distance, but as s/he comes closer, transforms into something nasty. Can involve the appearance of a "Butter Face." Short for expression, "She's good from far, but (as she gets closer) she's far from good."

Got Five on it
A rule that allows an individual to leave his/her seat in a room and return within five minutes and still retain rights to sit there.

Something or someone who is crunchy

Greek Freak
A new pledge who is superabsorbed in fraternity ongoings. Often sports fraternity credit card, sweat-shirt, license plate, and tattoo.

To smoke weed in a car or room without ventilation and fill it with smoke.

Derived from when you're cleaning up the day after a party and go to grab a beer can, you assumed was empty, and being half-full falls to the floor and explodes foul smelling stale beer/cigarette butt juice all over the place. Also Wounded Soldier

Grip Up on the MIC
To receive a blow job.

Southern slang, short for a cigarette

The parking lot that you have to park in when you're late. You usually have to cross a 6-lane highway to get to class. Not very safe. See also The Boonies

Hall bitch
A girl that has had sex with everyone on the hall --except you.

Hall slut
A girl that has had sex with everyone on the hall.

The dangerous act of getting with someone on your hall freshman year.

A 1.5 liter of hard liquor. Named after the handle often crafted into the bottle.

Hang Brains
When a guy's testicles can be seen poking out of the legs of his shorts or swim trunks. The male version of the Camel Toe. Also known as Showin' Scrot. Hanging Chad

Hanging Chad
A friend of a friend who tags along uninvited on road trips or to parties and hangs with the group, even though he's NOT WANTED!

Happy Sack
Condition where one applies "Gold Bond Medicated Powder" to the scrotum to achieve a cool, dry, happy scrotum. Also combats crotch rot and swamp ass. Great for pre-workout or pre-bar regime.

Head Denial Club. Started by some girls at UMBC who like the penis but not in their mouth.

Hell Week
Greek term for a most grueling week before initiation when pledge-ship increases in intensity.

Her/Him: used as an insult to buddies only half seriously.

Something that is really, really good. Eg, "that chick's a herta" or "check out that darty car!"

Hitting the Snooze Bar
To continue to hook up with someone even though you should really break up with them. Prolonging the inevitable.

High Maintenance Boys. Guys who take an unusually long time to get ready to go out. Also known as Pretty Boys.

The practice of hooking up with large, hefty individuals.

Holes before poles
Similar to 'bros before hoes,' but in reverse; akin to 'chicks before dicks.'

A greeting used in place of help or hey...usually screamed in a high pitched voice at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and surrounding areas.

Home wrecker
Economy-sized bottle of alcohol. Also known as a Handle.

A term derived from the phrase "Honey, do this. Honey do that," referring to when a guy has to spend

Hook Up
A romantic or sexual encounter of any varying degrees of intimacy

When a beer is spilled, the spiller must drink the beer from whatever surface it is on -- regardless of any sanitation concerns.

Very masculine and manly. Often refers to women who exhibit man-like characteristics.

Hot lunch
When you're being given a blow job and you take the liberty of vacating your bowels on her chest.

Smoking lots of pot in a small contained area, such as a car or single dorm room, making the air so smokey that you are, in effect, taking a hit every time you breathe. Also known as Fishbowling or Clambaking.

An attractive person -- personality usually not figured into the equation.

Hour of Power
Drinking 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes.

An individual who tries way to hard to impress their teacher in class. Also known as a Kiss Ass.

Human Dildo
A well-hung male.

The art and science of having sex on the toliet.

Hunch Punch
The same concept as Trash Can but it's usually mixed in a huge trough of some sort, and the mixture can be randomly replenished with a garden hose as the night continues but it never seems to lose its potency. I think Hunch Punch may be a southern thing.

Hurt Locker
A place of extreme discomfort. Being in pain.

In-and-Out Game
Drunken Sex with a random person.
For example, "You going home and passing out tonight, man?"
"Nope I'm going to try and find someone to play the in-and-out game with."

Indian Goggles
Sticking one's balls over a sleeping buddy's eyes.

Involuntary Nipple Erection

IPS - (Instant Princess Syndrome)
The phenomenon often occuring in females in an environment in which there exists an overabundance of Sausage.

To be a hardcore drinker, especially if you can drink to excess but show few--if any--signs of inebriation.

Inevitable Second Piss. This very quickly follows the FFP.

The way you get really tired right after a big meal of greasy food like pizza or KFC.

Derived from Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabar. Used as a code word to let one of your boys know the chick he's chatting up is heinously ugly. The offender must then sever all conversation immediately. Must be thrown very casually into conversation as to not arise suspicions of the ugly chick. Also works well because 99.99% of girls have no clue who Jabar is to begin with, so they think it's a completely normal thing to talk about. Ex: Do you know how many point Jabar scored last night?

A hot high school girl. See also Felony.

Jamaican Bobsled Team
A group of stoners who dress in rastaffarian gear. Usually three or more people who either a) spend the party on the couch, at bar, or wherever in a straight or semi straight line or b) wait in the line for a hit off a bowl.

JBF Hair
Short for Just Been F***ed Hair. It's that messed up hair that is usually experienced on the walk of shame or after waking up from a fun night out partying.

Someone who is cool and easy to get along with when they are sober, but is an asshole when they get

Jersey Chaser
A lady who only wants to get with football/basketball players.

Jobby Job
What Snoop Doggy Dogg (and every senior) needs to get.

Jump On the Grenade
When two groups of the opposite sex meet, one "jumps on the grenade" by talking to (possibly hooking up with) the ugly one of the other group in order to ensure the success of the rest of one's group. This is a step further than Setting the Pick.

Jungle Juice
Same as "Trash can", with either Punch, Kool-aid, or Country Time Lemonade as flavoring. Often served at "jungle-themed" parties.

Junior Varsity. A girl who is hot, but obviously too young to be legal.

She's a keeper...keeper the hell away from me.

Kegs & Eggs
Morning keg party usually before a football game.

Kelly Capwell Effect
A girl who's really hot who ends up having every guy she meets fall in love with her. Refers to a character from the old soap "Santa Barbara" to whom this happened all the time.

One's testicles. "That line drive came dangerously close to connecting with my kids."

A term used to describe a heated person especially at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). It is used in such phrases as "calm down there killer."

What happens after you've drank too much and all you want to do is thieve cause you think you're slicker then grease... similar to those HornyDrunks... some people go into kleptomode. Often related to Sneaky Drunks.

Knocking it
Recreational intercourse. Possibly from "knocking the boots." Possibly not.

A girl who has slept with three or more guys on the same college lacrosse team.

A beer that has been opened but not fully consumed. Synonymous with Wounded Soldier.

Late Night
The location of drinking after the bars close you your town. Ex: "I heard you hooked up with a hog at that frat late night."

Lay Pipe
To have sex with a girl.

Lesbian in a Bottle
The magical quality of a bottle of liquor that causes straight girls to make out with other girls. See Two Beer Queer

One who is unable to handle their alcohol.

A heavy-set and not so attractive woman. As in "Ted brought home a linebacker last night."

Liquid Courage
The fact that you will do things while drunk that you will not do while sober.

Liquid Encouragement
Refers to any alcoholic drink. After enough liquid encouragement you will be able to talk or attempt to talk to anyone.

Lock 'n' Towel
The process of locking your dorm door and wedging a towel under the crack in preparation of hotboxing.

Putting a towel under the door, turning off main lights, only christmas lights and lava lamp on. Not answering the door for anyone--open the window, lower the blinds, and toke!

A particularly rough looking female. Distinguishing marks include dirty fingernails, nappy hair, and a large sloping forehead. Named after the early human discovered by anthropologists.

Short for Lesbian Unitil Graduation. Label given to those were are lesbians but "just experimenting" and will likely switch teams back and have a family once they graduate.

Lung Candy

The art of doing absolutely nothing. Also known as hangin or chillin.

The annoying girls that bang everyone in the frat house and don't leave just so they hang out.

A chick who has slept with multiple members of a house or team.

Stands for "Muff Before Mates" - the activity of a young man who chooses to go off with a girl (muff) rather than hang out with his mates.

MDA (Mysterious Drinking Accident)
What happens when you get drunk and hurt yourself in some way, but don't remember it. Evidence of MDAs includes cuts and bruises and NO MEMORY how you got them.

Meat market
See Sausage party

A guy of low intelligence and a thick neck. Often chosen to be your lab partner.

Any form of fooling around: from kissing to sex.

Merkin' It
The act of fooling around.

Abbreviation for Mother I'd Love to Fuck

A girl who sleeps with guys in return for Coke, also known as a Coke slut.

As in the paintings by the artist of the same name, which looked like a messy jumble of splattered paint up close, but get far enough away and they're beautiful. On campus, this applies to a guy/girl who is attractive from a distance but the closer you ge

A girl with a great ass!

Money Tree

When both nut are exposed together to look like the two halves of a brain.

For a table of respectable guys to be invaded by a group of unwanted and usually unatractive females.

A hookup that you have sex with but you don't want to your friends or anyone else to know about it..."They're fun to ride...until your friends see you."

Having a death-like quality

Morning Wood
The natural tendency for a guy to wake up with a boner.

Mr. T Starter Kit
Excessive gold jewelry worn around the neck by a trashy male.

Mr./Ms. Diversity
Someone who serially hooks up with individuals of a different race/ethincity than their own. Also known as an EOH (equal opportunity Ho/Hookup).

M-R-S Degree
A marriage license--the whole purpose of some girls going to college or joining a certain sorrority--they want to meet a suitable husband from a wealthy family and earn their M-R-S degree.

Any girl who screws a specific category of guys exclusively(the football team, a certain fraternity, etc). [Note: this came from a female reader...so chill.]

To be making out

An individual, often male, who doesn't give a shit about his dignity or safety and will accept any bet or challenge regardless of better judgment.

Short for "No ass at all." For example, "Man did you see that girl, she had nass-a-tall "

Navy Seal
When you have to pull a mission impossible because your friend is hooking up with the cute girl, but they brought the ugly friend. So you have to pull a Navy Seal and take one for the team. See also Jump On The Grenade.

Short for Non-Commital Lip. When you can make out with someone with no strings attached.

This refers to your friend's friend that you can't stand. Taken from Seinfeld.

(Pronounced 9-house) A stain + A toolbox + A zero=Neyenhaus. Named after the infamous Neyenhaus of 1995-96.

An individual who only goes for wealthy members of the opposite sex, in hopes of meeting a wealthy spouse.

No-Breakup Zone
The Period of Time in between Christmas and Spring Break when it is usually most difficult to meet and date new people due to the Holidays. As a result, most people will stick it out until March, then engage in Spring Cleaning prior to Spring Break!

Off the chain
Describes a person or party that is excessively wild or drunken.

"Man, that party was so fucked up. It was off the chain."

Old Shoe
A former boyfriend/girlfriend who can be counted on for casual sex in a pinch.

Operation GAC
Operation God Awful Chick- When you haven't gotten any play in a while, so you decide to hook up with a GAC.

Refers to a method of study employed by crammers who fall asleep with their heads on their books. Not very reliable. "I was learning by Osmosis last night."

Pack Up
Shut up or leave. "You're being a bitch, pack up!"

The combination smells of penis, ass, and pussy after sex. Smell is easily recognized by all.

Paint Pen
A form of graffiti commonly practiced by sororities. Bubble letters and images of balloons, flowers and hearts are often designed onto water bottles, coolers, and mugs.

Panty Dropper
Can mean a girl in general or a slutty girl who'll sleep with anyone.

Prepare a room for a visit from the parental units. Usually includes hidding alcohol, birth control, controlled substances, poor test grades, and dirty dishes.

Party Foul
An incident that goes against the rules of the party. For example, spilling your glass of red wine on the Dean's white carpet during an elegant mixer.

Party Nap
A short early-evening rest period to prepare for the night's festivities.

Pass the bar
To be able to walk/drive home successfully despite severe inebriation. (Opposite: To Flunk the Bar)

Short for Public Display of Affection. Can range from kissing to dry humping on the dance floor.

Peenie Dust
Talcum powder to keep things fresh down below. Also Cock Powder.

Penalty Box
The area behind the back seat of a sport utility vehicle, usually accomodates the 6th passenger who needs a ride home after a night of drinking.

Penny the Door
Deliberately trap someone in their room by forcefully hammering a stack of pennies between their door and the door frame.

Phantom Penis/Puss
The only explanation for a person that could not get laid for any amount of money, yet insists to have lost his/her V-Card.

Pig roast
Two guys one girl. Same as the Wobbly H.

Pissing Clear
The point at which one has consumed enough alcohol to turn one's urine transparent. Signfies the beginning of a buzz.

Pizza Bones
The uneaten crust of a pizza

Porn Star Chest Hair or PSCH
Refers to the massive amount of chest hair that some men, especially porn stars have. Chest hair can also be substituted for back hair, which then becomes Porn Star Back Hair.

Prarie dog
When you really have to take a shit. As in, "Man, I am really prarie doggin' it right now."

Short for Predrinking. "Wanna pre before the bar?" See also: Front Load. Pregaming See also: Front Load.

The practice of drinking prior to going out.

Pretty McTitty
A young, cute girl with big breasts. PMT for short.

A prospective student who hooks with members of the opposite sex while visiting the campus.

Abbreviation for Parents

Pre-teen ass. A young, good-looking girl, usually in high school. A teen or pre-teen who dates college students.

Puke 'n Rally
Where you Puke early in the night, but continue to drink massive amounts of alcohol. Now filling your empty stomach with even more alcohol.

Pull Tubes
Take drags from a bong.

Pulled it out of one's ass
A wild guess.

A member of the opposite sex whom you go out with a few times, but whom you drop a couple of days after you finally have sex.

Pump-N-Dump (version 2)
The art of jacking off while taking a crap.

Put out to pasture
A girl who used to be a campus legend for her good looks, but after a few too many guys and a few t

Post Wipe Syndrome--you think you got it all the first time but were sadly mistaken!

Short for Quality Time. Spending time with anyone important. It can be said to the boys, " I have to spend some QT with the boss," or " I have to spend some QT with the rents and then I will hit it hard," or it is just as effective when used on your old l

A drinking game involving bouncing quarters into a shot glass. Works solo too.

Rack Attack
A woman with huge breasts.

Rack her
Offhanded comment made between buds when a gal with a nice rack walks by or is seen on TV. Borrowed from Jim Rome's call of "Rack him/her" after a good take.

Rack or Re-Rack
One's bed, or a term for sleeping. As in: "After I went to my 7:30 class I had to rerack so I could go out that night."

A term used to describe a girl who is poor white trash.

When you puke from drinking too much but immediately grab another drink and keep at it. Also when you passout or sleep, but then get up and keep rocking.

Rape Gene
Uncontrollable urge for sex. Example: you know your rape gene is kickin' in when you are compelled to stop playing beer pong to get it on.

A suffix that follows the name of a group. It stands for a girl who only hangs out with and sleeps with a certain group of guys. For example, if a girl is always with guys from ABC fraternity, she would be an ABC-Rat.

Getting really drunk , flirting with all the hottest guys in the place, and hooking up with as many guys as possible in one night.

Heavy petting done when the petter stands behind the pettee and reaches around to accomplish the deed.

To do very poorly on an exam. See also Bend Me Over

Red Ball
When something is a priority-dude

Rents (Rentals)
The people who raised you, helped pay for your schooling and initiate wild cleaning sessions before they come to visit. See also P's.

Respect the D (Respect the P)
Skilled at the art of oral pleasure

Ride the bus
A drinking game played with cards and beer where certain cards mean specific drinking times. At the end of the game there is a huge pyramid with cards and the loser has to "ride the bus" or chug their beer for all of the multiplied times of the entire game.

Riding Bitch
Sitting in the middle in the back seat of the car.

Rip a new one
Refers to ripping a new asshole, which means to be yelled and punished

Muscular and fit. See also Cock Diesel.

Roll or Bowl
Pot-smoker's dilemma, to roll a joint, or the less strenuous packing of a bowl (pipe or bong).

The act of slapping a girl with your member.

Two guys, one girl.

Rum Race
A drinking game where teams are given a bottle of rum and liters of coke. The first team to finish their bottle of rum wins.

Sack of nickels
Refers to someone who fell out of the ugly tree, hit ever branch on the way down and landed on a sack of nickels. Also an ugly person who looks like they got beaten with a sack of nickels.

Sack of shit
To be useless, stupid or downright idiotic, or a drunken ass who lies in the middle of the road.

Sausage Party
A gathering of many more men than women.

Scattered Ass
When you go to a bar or a party and there are many hotties running around.

Really dirty weed or an unattractive person.

A girl who a wipes from the back to the front.

When you have to fart really bad, but don't want to make a stink in class you let out a scout to tes

The opposite of a TDI. Here we have the "Serious Drinking Injuries." The classification required here is simple: Did you have to go to a hospital? If not, quit your bitching, it was only a TDI. Examples include broken bones, stitches, etc.

Sea Donkey
A girl with a banging body, but brutal from the neck up. It looks as if she fell out of the ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down with her face, but managed to dodge tree contact with her body. See also Butter Face.

Setting the Pick
This is when you employ a friend to stop someone from approaching. For example, you see an old hook up coming up to you at a party. They will certainly ruin your current chances at nookie, so your friend intercepts the old flame before they get to you.

When someone is forced to sleep outside his/her room when his/her roommate wants to have sex in the room. Also Get the boot.

A verb meaning to spend the night in the room of someone of the opposite sex.

Describes someone who is unsuccessfully trying to hide something that they are doing or have done.

The tremors that result from drinking way too much.

Getting rejected. Same as Getting the Heismann. For example, "I started talking to this chick, but I got shaqued when I told her I didn't have a car."

Shields Up
A warning to everyone in the room to put their shirt collars over their noses, in preparation for a funky-ass smell.

Shit Kickers
A pair of leather boots with thick menacing lug soles.

A term for a lower class ghetto fast food place, called Amigos. The kind where the cops sit outside all night.

Shot in the Face
A person who is extremely unappealing.

a)To pound a beer by puncturing the side of the can and opening the top to make the beer spurt out in a powerful stream.
b) When you can leave your seat and regain it when you come back by calling shotgun on it. Can also be used to guarantee you the fr

Of questionable origin or distrustful motives. Can be used to refer to people, inanimate objects, towns, parties, and lunchmeat.

Slam Pig
An ugly, slutty, drunk girl at a party.

A slut/whore, slore. "Dude im bored, call up those slores we met last night".

Slump Busting
When you are in a slump; either academic, athletic, or romantic, the sure fire cure is to go to the bars and find the nastiest, fattest, most wretched woman you can, take her home, and do the deed. Also known as "taking one for the team" and "laying the w

To have sex. "Are jim and cindy still smashing?"

Smoky Treats

A nickname for a great american college beer: Natural Light.

Sneaky Drunk
An individual, who when drunk, has an increased sense of stealth and cunning. Often suffers from disillusions of invisibility.

(Pronounced 'ss neye ger') A cigarette. "Hey man, can I bum a snieger?"

SOFA Chick
A phenomenon that occurs when a bigger girl, feeling confident after too many beers, takes off her shirt/sweater and ties it around her waist...thus creating a "Sweater Over a Fat Ass."

A male who is extremely good looking... "Serena, that guy is Sonny!"

The freshmen in a pledge class for a sorority. A younger version of the Sorostitute.

Sorority girls that are known for their promiscuity.

See Sorostitues. Also called So-Whore-Ity Girls.

A half-full discarded drink. Named in loving tribute to the character in Caddyshack

This is when you are so drunk that it feels like the room won't stop spinning.

A sleeping position in which you are both on your side and facing the same direction. See also A-Hug.

Written outside your room when your roommate wants privacy, stands for "Start Planning Other Options Now." Also see Get the Boot and Sexiled.

Spring cleaning
The yearly springtime ritual during which mass dumpings of boyfriends/girlfriends occur.

To have intercourse, "I think that hottie I've been hitting on wants to stab."

To have large breasts.

A person that is a pain in the ass

a) being so exceptionally drunk
b) beat so senseless
c) so high that you talk like Sylvester Stalone's character Rocky Balboa after 10 rounds.

A bad smell as in "Who drop da stank?"

stanky on your hangdown (verb)
What guys get after having sex. "Dude, I still got some stanky on my hangdown from last night."

Starter Marriage Season
Refers to the numerous weddings which take place following graduation, most of which don't last 5 years.

Stevey Wonder dick
A condition that occurs when a serious shortage of females occurs, the primary symptom is sex with ugly women.

Stoop "_____"
Insert any activites that are done off the front steps of a house. (eg: pukin, smokin, jumpin, drinkin, etc.)

Someone who is sloppy drunk.

When a girl wants to go at it 5 or more times in one night, so that she is basically stabbing herself in the cooch.

Summer Teeth
That woman has summer teeth, 'summer' there, some ain't.

"Sexless Unwilling Virgin"--a hot girl who won't give it up for anybody.

Swamp Ass
A non-fatal condition in which one's experiences constant intestinal distress and anal leakage. While it is not contagious, it does effect other individuals within smelling distance.

Someone who is exceptionally smooth, like Patrick Swayze in all those 80's flicks he was in.

Sword Fight
1) Two guys getting into a heated argument but neither one ever throwing a punch. 2) Two guys pissing in the same toilet at the same time.

Taco Hell
An affectionate term of Taco Bell. Originates from the physiological effects that the food has on the human intestinal track. Also known as Toxic Hell and Crotch n' Smell

Tadpole soup

Take one for the team
When two groups of the opposite sex meet up, one person from one of the groups jumps the ugliest of the other group. Also known as jumping the grenade.

These are the "Trivial Drinking Injuries." Most drinking injuries fall under this category. These are the cuts, bruises, scratches and sprains that just kind of hurt, but you ignore until the pain goes away a couple of days later. May or may not be a UDI.

Tea bag
To stick ones sack on a sleeping buddies forehead.
Also refers to removing your unit during a hummer session and substituting the sack time and time again.

Team Jesus
A group of militant religious students who proselytize and preach with extreme fervor and little tact. Also called the God Squad.

Ten Second Rule
Drunk version of Three Second Rule.

Test Files
Past tests and notes kept by organizations to help their fellow members.

A term given to girls whose legs transcend from thighs to ankles, with no definition. Considered worse than Cankles.

That Guy
An individual one does not wish to become. Often one's drunken persona who decides things like exposing oneself in public or driving drunk are good ideas.

That's Fine
A wise ass remark made to any comment.
Comment:"You look like shit."
Reply: "That's Fine"

The "ah fuck"
When you get so drunk (or sober) that you sleep in the opposite sex's dorm and wake up in the morning next to them. The first words out of your mouth are "ah fuck."

The Banjo Playing Donkey
The automatic tune that plays in your head when a girl starts in on her life story. The Donkey is

The Hat Toss
Refers to the dumpings which take place every year within a week or two after graduation to clear the dating slate for the summer.

the oops
Doggy style intercourse, that "accidently" ends up in the poop hole.

The Stranger
Sitting on your hand until it becomes numb, then jerking off. It feels like someone else, "a stranger," is doing it for you.

The Stranger-ette
Same as above, but paint your nails.

The Stupids
What you have the day after a night of hard drinking, and you can't think very well.

Titty Hard On

Thousand Elves
"Gold Bond Medicated Powder" When you put it on, it feels like a thousand tiny elves are scrubbing the area in question.

Three S
Shit, Shower, and Shave. Part of every guy's pre-party ritual.

Three Second Rule
If a piece of food falls on the floor, one has three seconds to retrieve it before it gets too dirty to eat. Less than three seconds and the food in question is safe to ingest.

Throw a Haymaker
To punch with extreme force. Often used in fights to knock someone on their ass.

A young girl.

Time traveling
Used to describe periods of blackout during drinking.

"I don't know how I got on the side of the highway, must have been time traveling."

When somethings is cool, we say "Cool!" or "Awesome!" But Tits are cool, so why not call it that?

Tits McGee
Variation of Pretty McTitty.

Tomb of the dead soldiers
A trash can filled with many, many beer cans. Sometimes brings a tear to the eye.

A socially inept individual. Similar to a nerd, but not as smart.

Tool Box
See Tool.

Tool Shed
A house, apartment, or dorm room in which tools reside.

Top Bunk 'Quake
When your roommate has sex on the bottom bunk when you're trying to sleep or when you are too drunk to register anything.

Towing an Anchor
When you meet a hot girl at a bar or a party who is with a fat/unattractive/unpleasant girlfriend who usually wants to leave, the hot girl is "towing an anchor." (Tip: get your wingman to buy her a beer--that's why he's there!)

A tramp.

Transfer Disconnection
When someone transfers to another college to be with their significant other only to be dumped within three months of their arrival.

A guy (or girl) who looks good from far away but not when they walk closer.

Trash can
An alcoholic beverage which tastes like punch. Numerous liquors mixed in along with fruit and regular punch. Very potent and knocks you on your ass! No one knows what or how much liquor(s) in the beverage except the maker.

Alcohol you take with you on the way to events, bars, parties. Also Road Beers or Roadies

The act of frequenting and drinking at three different bars in one night.

Triple Threat
A party with multiple vices such as beer being one threat, marijuana being a second, and girls being a third. It can also be applied to how many kegs.

Tuna Party
The female version of a Sausage party.

Turd Ferguson
See "That Guy"

Turkey Dump
Getting rid of excess baggage (boyfriend or girlfriend) during Thanksgiving holidays. The yearly Thanksgiving ritual during which mass dumpings of boyfriends/girlfriends occur.

Two Beer Queer
A straight girl who ends up making out with other girls after only a couple drinks.

Two Feet & a Heartbeat
The method of travel employed by most college students.

An Unidentified Beer Injury. See also MDA

UDI (Unidentified Drinking Injury)
This is an injury that results from a hard night of drinking. You wake up and have no idea how you hurt yourself. Whether it be a sprained ankle or cuts and bruises, you just hurt.

Short for Ultimate Frisbee. A game that combines Frisbee, soccer, and football. Often played on quads by crunchy people.

Undie Bongs
An early morning smoke up session. See Kegs & Eggs.

Upper Pooper
What you would like to do to a particularly attractive female.

An act that is usually performed at a party where they have treated you and your crew generally like shit. It consists of going to the bathroom, opening the lid on the top of the toilet, taking a big crap in there, and putting the lid back on. Also called

V Card
Slang for virginity. One can keep it and protect or have it revoked.

An alcoholic beverage which tastes like fruit punch, consisting of various forms of alcohol and fruit juices. Vat varies in potency depending on the maker, and is usually served at frat parties as the feminine alternative to kegs of beast. It gets its name from the fact that it's often made in large quantities and served out of large containers or "vats."

french form of "whatever"

Vaginal Cleansing Dispenser (Douchebag)

Vitamin N
Short for Vitamin Nicotine. Refers to having a cigarette first thing in the morning of a very long day.

Wake and Bake
The habit of starting one's morning with a toke.

Wake and Stop
Busting in on a buddy and his girl going at it. Designed to cause great embarrasment to the busy couple.

Walk of Shame
The long, humilating walk accross campus in the same thing you had on last night after hooking up that night.

Warming up
To drink before going to the bar. Either because your underage, to cheap or it's too boring going sober! See also Frontload.

Meaning to have sex with someone. Like "Hey dude, did you get waxed last night?"

Weak Sausage
One who always wants to go home early just when things get interesting.

Weenie Roast
See: Sausage Party

It's that lightheaded-spinning, ball-of-ice-in-your stomach feeling that you get immediately before booting.

Whiskey dick
Refers to a guy's extreme flacidity after a night of drinking, or in some cases no drinking was involved at all.

Wife Beater
A tight white undershirt worn by college males and stars of "COPS" - sleeves are optional; stains are mandatory. A wife beater also refers to those colored v-neck t-shirts some guys wear under a suit-coat trying to do a Miami Vice Retro look a la Don John

A friend who helps you meet a hottie by entertaining other friends in the party

Wobbly 'H'
When two men are engaging in sex with one woman at the same time. One getting a hummer and one doggie style. Thus forming a 'wobbly H'.

A single phrase that is used as a generic response for why certain females behave as they do. "Why isn't she at the party? Well just because uhhhhh... Women-B-shoppin'!" Also known as Bitches-B-triflin'.

Wounded soldier
A full beer found when cleaning up the next day after a party.

Xactlies(pronounced zact-lees)
When your mouth smells 'xactly like your ass.

A sarcastic remark derived from the the word "yes," but meaning exactly the opposite. Examples include: QUESTION -"Is it true you hooked up with that fat chick?" REPLY- "Yef!" or "Dude, can I borrow your car?" ...."Yef." Originated roughly circa 1991.

Yuppie Food Coupons
Reference to $20 bills. ATMs used to distribute multiple denominations, but now they only distribute 20s. Makes it hard to split the bill when a large group goes to lunch or out drinking.

A roll of paper towels or toilet paper used to mop up spilled fluids. Particularly helpful during drinking games.

Zane Ball
A sketchy person

A person several degrees worse than a stain

A game of dice and pot smoking. The goal being to reach 10,000 points first, but you must rely on the luck of your dice throws. Used as an excuse to get really high.
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