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Old Oct 12, 08
Domo Arigato
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REVIEW (2008.10.11) TWISTER 4 w/DJ DEAN & GUYVER! @ Maritime Labour Centre

TWISTER 4 w/DJ DEAN & GUYVER! at Maritime Labour Centre on Saturday, October 11, 2008 has ended.

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Old Oct 12, 08
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Back... half deaf still. Fack. :S

But it was totally worth it! Werd.

So in the main room, we had DJ Dean who KILLED it - stole almost everyone from the 2nd room for his set. It was a great set nonetheless... although I didn't get a chance to catch the last half hour of it. Did he play "Protect Your Ears" (or any equivalent remix of it)?

In the 2nd room, we had Tazix throwing down an electro set that totally rocked, and then the local trio of rising stars - Lazy Rich, Hirshee, and Jeff Daniels threw it down right nasty and dirty. Loved all your guys' new tracks... great stuff! Deezel had a pretty creative set full of remixes of popular tracks... I liked that too. (Oh and the sound in the 2nd room was great tonight. Some nice tweakin' there Shawn... do the exact same setup all the time in the future from now on).

Thanks also to everyone who came to support my set. You guys rock - I appreciate all of you guys who were dancing to my set. Lots of people asked for my Facebook and I didn't get a chance to give it to everyone, but send me an email, or feel free to add me on MSN at dj_firewire [at] hotmail.com, and I'll give you my Facebook (and mix site, etc).

Overall, this party had a much better vibe than I've seen the last few events... and I enjoyed it a lot myself. Thanks Twisted for having me.


P.S. Shouts to all my friends who I saw last night! Dave, Keith, Mary, Kevin, Naomi, Sue, Kyle, Jordie, Collin, Dustin, Adam, Allya, Emily, Damir, Hardstyle Dave, Carlo, Scott and his girl, Sarah, Whitney, Amanda, Angela, Bob, Matty, and all the people from my Facebook fan group that said hi! Cheers.

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Old Oct 12, 08
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dean did play a remix of Protect your ears during the last little bit. what was the track Accuface and Dean played 4 times in total that night?

Ive never seen the floor so full when he got on.

overall good night, nice setup. loved the 2 white lights attached to the booth (Mabey Shawn can tell me what they are). I like the boxy stage setup. big shouts to all, mainly Allya, Daveed, Jlau, Collin, Keith, Mr. Matt, Mary Meng, Bufflez and the rest of the crew.
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Old Oct 12, 08
DJ Deezel
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Old Oct 12, 08
Party Paparazzi
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Old Oct 13, 08
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im really liking the new dress code. girls seem more attractive when they dont look like whores.
wikid night, second room was a blast most of the night.

passed out at 5 tho :S
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Old Oct 13, 08
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Thanks to Twisted again, another great party! Good times partying with everyone (Suuuuuuuuuup Jordie, Naomi, Kyle, Sue, Scotty, Alan, Scott, Justin, Collin, Shawn, Selena....hated that I missed your set , Tigran awesome job...I need to see you spin more often!)

DJ Dean was fuckin fantastic, the vibe was all good all night....or until about 530-6 or so when I left. Missed out on Guyver...how was his set?

See a bunch of you at Dooms!!
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Old Oct 13, 08
Get Dizzy !
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^ haha no worries buddy, youll have to catch it next time I was on pretty early :P

and thanks to all who came out early to get their dance on in the second room, appreciate the support! had a great time regardless of the time cut...

thank you twisted for having me out to play!

see you all at the next one ;)
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