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[2/17] Kinetic 2 @ Pacific Science Center

Infinite Connections is excited to bring together IOSIS Art Party, Breaks & Freaks, Uniting Souls and Decibel festival for the fourth in a series of epic proportions…

Celebrating their 2 year anniversary: IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance:
Ace Ventura
(Iboga Records – Israel - LIVE SET!)
Uniting Souls Animal House:
JT Donaldson
(Om / Gallery Music - SF)
Breaks & Freaks Science Playground:
The Flashbulb
(Sublight Records - Chicago - LIVE SET!)
Decibel Downtempo Dinosaur:
(12k, Mille Plateaux – NY - LIVE SET!)

with Art Displays:
Justin Hillgrove
Mike Capp
--Art available for purchase--

Music - Art - Exhibits - Lights - Visuals
Progressive - Drum’n’Bass - House - Dubstep - Ambient
Breaks - Psytrance - Downtempo – Breakcore
Butterflies - Planetarium - Dinosaurs - Science - Animals
Coat Check - Vendors - CDs - Art Prints

Find out how to become a Sponsor
Infinite Connections welcomes vendors to share their creations. We are looking for all kinds of crafts, services and wares to join us at Kinetic 2. If you are interested, please e-mail vendors [at] infiniteconnections.org.

If you want to know what to expect, read through the reviews of Magnetic II: http://nwtekno.org/vb/showthread.php?threadid=106959

@ Pacific Science Center
200 2nd Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109.
9pm - 4am

Tickets are $45 VIP and $21 presale at:

$45 VIP will get you expedited entrance to the event, expedited bar line, complimentary coat check, and a gift bag full of surprises including CDs, stickers and more. Limited tickets so purchase soon!

18+ are welcome, 21+ w/ID

IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance

Ace Ventura (Iboga Records – Israel - LIVE SET!) is one of the newest additions to the Iboga roster with a long involvement in the development of the psytrance scene. Behind the project is Yoni Oshrat, a 28-year old Israeli with a rich musical background. He was born in a musical family (his father is a famous Israeli composer and song writer, behind the Eurovision song "Halelujah"), and previously worked in the TV and movie-industry as a sound producer. After DJ'ing for several years, he teamed up with his friend Dj Goblin to form the Children of the Doc project, which later changed its name to Psysex - together they released 3 critically-acclaimed albums on HOMmega, and played a big part in establishing Israel as one of the most important trance countries on the globe. After several years of intense touring, playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals worldwide, Yoni's taste moved towards the slower, groovier side of music. He started 2 projects: SCHATSI (electro) already getting featured on releases from Hadshot and Mylo's Breastfed Recordings - and of course ACE VENTURA. Yoni is fond of all major sides of the progressive scene, and it shines through in his ACE VENTURA-project, which can best be described as deep, tribal and pumping progressive psytrance - pure dynamite on the dance floor. Despite being a relatively new project, ACE VENTURA has already appeared on releases from Flow, Domo, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Blue Tunes records and Iboga Records. Watch out for the ACE VENTURA album coming out on Iboga - just in time for the spring 2007. http://www.iboga.dk

Osiris Indriya (Iboga Records, Oracle Gatherings, IOSIS Art Party - SEA) is a legend of the West Coast Underground Dance scene. He has been featured with underground artists such as Brian, Brad, and Trevor of L.A. Moontribe, and Lorin (Bassnectar) from Santa Cruz/SF, CA. Osiris has also been featured along side recording artists Atmos, Ticon (Digital Structures – Sweden), Human Blue (Spiral Trax, chill code - Sweden), Ganga Giri (Australia) and SunControlSpecies (Zenon, Iboga - Australia), as well as Antix, FREq, Beat Bizarre, and DJ Banel from Danish Progressive label Iboga Records where he is now an official label DJ. All this while playing at forest, desert, beach, and indoor gatherings, club nights, and festivals up and down the west coast, as well as internationally including the Double 6 in Kuta, Bali and Shambhala Music Fesival in Nelson, Canada. Driven to take Seattle to the next level, Osiris has been deep into creating several projects. He has teamed up with Infinite Connections to bring the best of Europe’s tribal progressive trance music and world class art to the Pacific Northwest in a series of events called IOSIS Art Parties. As co-founder of the Oracle Gatherings, he is bringing a new paradigm in a growing dance community by integrating with the Northwest’s mythical undercurrent. All this has helped inspire the release of his all original progressive and downtempo CD, "Reach Within". http://www.osirisindriya.com/

Amanita (IOSIS Art Party - Seattle) AKA Brian Parker. From the rain soaked environment of the North West and with a deep love for Psychedelic Trance this local dj, promoter, and producer has played up and down the West coast with a who’s who list of international talent such as Mark Farina, Atmos, Talamasca, Human Blue, Oforia, Shakta, Penta, Atomic Pulse, Wizzy Noise, Sun Control Species and Ticon at a variety of festivals, concerts and events. While having a deep respect for his psychedelic roots Amanita tends to focus now on the more tribal side of psychedelic.

David Justin (Psybooty Records - SF) A&R and co-founder of PsyBooty Records, David Justin is the ear behind the PsyBooty sound. He has been composing and performing music for over fourteen years, and a DJ for ten. As a life long collector of music, David has always been on a constant search for new, innovative, well-crafted music. It is this perspective, trained ear, and passion for music that David brings to his DJ sets and PsyBooty. When David steps behind the decks, the focus is on tight, smooth mixing, and sharp programming consistent in both rhythmic and tonal elements. With electronic roots in House, Breakbeat, and Goa / Psy Trance, his music fuses a solid percussion base and funky rhythmic swing with precision sound design and a penchant for intellectually stimulating musical and atmospheric structures. http://www.psybooty.com

*Christine* (Vaporvent Records – CA) aka Christine Webb, is a Seattle-based native who fell in love with psychedelic trance music in the late 90's. In 2000 she was so captivated by psychedelic trance she moved to the hub of the West Coasts largest psy-trance scene, the San Francisco Bay area. Over the years since, she has co-hosted a psy-trance radio show "Highway 604", hosted many parties at what became known as the Santa Cruz "Trance Mansion" & in 2004 she was asked to join Vaporvent records as a label dj and artist. She has played clubs and festivals across North America and headling with such acts as; Hallucinogen/Shpongle, X-Dream, Sirius Isness, GMS, Atomic Pulse, Dino Psaras, Mekkanika, Earthling, Paul Taylor, Wizzy Noise, Silcon Sound, + many more. Her music collection ranges from full-on psytrance, to dreamy atomspheric downtempo. She can play any timeslot, from a building opening set to a mid-night stomper, to a beautiful sunrise journey. http://www.vaporvent.com/

with Art by:

Justin Hillgrove grew up in Snohomish, WA and has been enjoying artistic expression since he was old enough to color on the walls. He graduated from Snohomish Highschool in 1994 and then took the Graphic Design and Illustration Program at Seattle Central Community College for one year. Since then, Justin has enjoyed many years of freelance illustration and design, working on everything from collectible card games to bobble heads. He also works full-time as the lead designer at a local publication in Bothell, WA. Justin began his Imps and Monsters; painting frenzy as a creative outlet, painting whatever his mood demands. There are too many influences and sources of inspiration to list them all, but most notable among them are Justin’s wife and kids, friends and family, and great artists like Nathan Jurevicius, Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki and Gary Baseman. http://www.impsandmonsters.com/

Mike Capp - This series of paintings was inspired by the imaginative drawings of my two children,Tanner and Kyla. When children draw, they possess a freedom of directness that is lost after we are taught "how to do it right". Tanner and Kyla view the world around them with fresh eyes and ideas. A drawing is never wrong or bad, and the act of creating is always a joyful experience. I follow their lead and develop full works where they leave off. These paintings bring to life the uncomplicated side of life. There are images in these paintings that are eternal and universal. http://www.mikecappart.com

Ego Seattle based Illustrator with a flair for slightly dark, whimsical, creepiness... http://www.odeum.org

Tippet AKA Anton Bomb
--Art Available for purchase--

Visuals by:

Seizure Labs was born out of the need for complete sensory overload, Seizure Lab burst onto the VJ scene in 2005. Combining technical wizardry, artistic creativity and a heavy dose of insanity, Seziure Lab provides audiences with a unique visual experience. Currently a collective started by a DJ (Shadowvex), a musician (Etienne), and a visual artist (Manuel), Seizure Lab utilizes cutting edge technologies to bring you the very freshest eyecandy. Custom tailored hardware, software and content for each performance ensures a deeply submersive experience. In the last year Seizure Lab has performed at/for Phoenix Fest, Magnetic, Howl, Follow Your Bliss, Future Frequencies, PsyBooty NW Release, Shivas Temple II, Shake Lasta and Lost History, as well as a special heartfelt performance for Luv Shack's GoaWake. Music is not just sound anymore thanks to Seizure Lab altering your consciousness with the language of music and images. http://www.seizurelab.com/

Uniting Souls Animal House:

JT Donaldson (Om / Gallery Music - SF) first made his imprint in the world of house music as co-founder and in-house producer for Dallas' Fairpark Recordings, working with artists such as Lance DeSardi, CPEN, Tim Shumaker of Home and Garden, Sandy Rivera of K.O.T., Chris Nazuka, Lo Soul, The Freaks, and Chicago house legend Chez Damier. With over 30 releases on some of the world's top labels, including SF's famed Om Records, NYC's Naked Music, Chicago's Cajual, Los Angeles' Seasons, and France's Distance Recordings, JT's tracks get top play by house heavyweights, the likes of Derrick Carter, Mark Farina (who named JT as his favorite house producer!), DJ Heather, Miguel Migs, and Everything But the Girl's Ben Watt. JT has also co-produced with Lance DeSardi under the moniker Undercover Agency, and one of his latest endeavors was the launch of the highly successful Gallery Music Group, a new record label with co-owner Tim Shumaker. JT’ s music has been in global demand, taking him to places like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, Norway, France, Belgium, Turkey, as well as regular residencies in the U.K. and throughout the U.S. Don't sleep on this rare opportunity to catch JT perform at such a unique venue, in support of his superb new mix-cd Franchise Player 01!

Jon Lemmon (Uniting Souls Music - SEA) Seattle native Jon Lemmon, through hard work and devotion, has developed his musical taste into a necessity in the Northwest house music community. Having heard his musical calling at the wee age of five years old, he learned to play a wide range of instruments until 1986 when he discovered turntables and new horizons unfolded, pointing the way that would become Jon's musical path. While his initial tastes laid in post-disco electronic sounds he discovered house music two years later, and has yet to look back. Over the next eight years he made the move to Louisiana and helped foster the local scene (and in turn, his creativity) before coming home in 1995 to a blossoming Seattle house scene and quickly set up residencies around the city and gigs around the world. In 1998 Jon launched Viva Recordings and hit the ground running with releases from some of the most respected names in the house music community. Jon's breadth of experience and his ear for quality music has lent to his success thus far and will only assist him in his plan for world domination. http://www.unitingsouls.com

Ramiro (Uniting Souls – SEA) A native of Bluefields, Nicaragua, Ramiro was exposed to multi-cultural music from an early age, from Caribbean soca, reggae, and dance hall to Latin music such as salsa and merengue. At 12, his family moved to New Orleans, where jazz, blues, and funk permeated the region's rich music culture. During his early college years in San Francisco, Ramiro converged upon the electronic music scene that exploded in the Bay Area in the early 90s. From the Wicked Full Moons to Come-Unity, Stompy Stomp, and the legendary Sunset outdoor parties. With the support of friends, Ramiro began producing his own events to showcase the talents of many local artists and musicians, and thus, Uniting Souls was born. Now a resident of Seattle, Ramiro continues to work towards fostering a creative, nurturing environment ripe for artistic expression, spearheading the newly-launched record label Uniting Souls Music. http://www.unitingsouls.com

DJ Mercedes (PDX) Born and raised in Portland, Mercedes was submerged in a musical culture from a very young age. Raised in an environment influenced by her Afro-Cuban roots while fused with the sounds of Motown, Classic Rock, and R & B, its no wonder that she is connected to music. Her journey with House began in 1994 when she became a regular attendant of warehouse parties and all ages clubs. It was in those environments that Mercedes developed a keen sense of the Chicago groove. In 2002 she stepped up to the decks, and hasn't looked back since. She quickly rose to notoriety, and her skills have been recognized on both coasts. Opening for greats such as Mark Farina, DJ Heather, Diz, Colette, Brett Johnson, JT Donaldson, and many more. Dropping her sound from Miami to Seattle, and of course Portland, Mercedes has become an established representative of the Northwest dance community. http://www.myspace.com/ladycubana

Manos (Uniting Souls - SEA) Lover, laugher, dreamer, dancer. Walking the line between heady electronica and hedonistic funk, dj manos' infectious grooves are audio nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. http://www.myspace.com/djmanos

Breaks & Freaks Playground:

The Flashbulb (Sublight Records - Chicago - LIVE SET!) is one of the many trade names of Benn Jordan, an eccentric and shockingly diverse recording artist that has dominated the underground of electronic music for years. Jordan was and is arguably a key figure in the job of redefining and pioneering new landmarks in computer-based music, and many listeners and artists agree that he is one of the most talented electronic musicians of the generation. Rather than aiming to make strange sounds, Jordan seems to base most his impressively large collection of written material (a discography that surpasses 30 known releases as of 2003) on the ingredients that make emotional and beautiful music. His personality seems as diverse as his music. In 1993 Jordan's first electronic recordings were only sold with supplements of LSD, he releases music under many 'secret aliases' that he refuses to publicly identify, he claims to enjoy writing music overnight in elevators, and he has most recently been found promoting controversial electronic music shows for a dog. Just as Benn may be the worst publicist in the world, his lacking qualities can be easily forgiven by his talents, be it in guitar playing, sitar playing, computer sequencing, or just plain raw talent. http://www.theflashbulb.net

Bios, schmios.... Derek Fisher & the perfect cyn prefer to fly by the seats of their pants.
Their brand of dance music dubbed "sexyrobotmusic" was spawned by having built a reputation for bringing cutting edge music to the dance floor and never compromising their musical style in their DJ sets. While for so many DJs it's about who theyve shared the stage with, for these two it's more about gladly channelling the tracks that are blowing up dancefloors the world over. What does that sound like? Slutty, sweaty, dirty dance music that won't let you go no matter how hard you try.
In the past 5 years Derek & Cyn have best become known for taking a chance on mavericks such as T. Raumschmiere, Damian Lazarus, Smash TV, Matt Tolfrey, Pheek, Ryan Crosson, Someone Else, and Bryan Zentz so Portlanders can hear them for the first time. Well, playing alongside people like Richie Hawtin, Ellen Allien, Sean Cusick, Three, DJ Dan and Sandra Collins doesn't hurt but it's their underdog accompaniments they hold most dearly. And due to their ridiculously infectious enthusiasm about music, sexyrobotmusic events have continually gained momentum to present day, hosting regular club nights at Holocene, Pi-Rem, Saucebox, Pala & Noir. Wake up & smell the party, people - Spandecks has not only has your back, but also our dancin' ass covered. http://www.sexyrobotmusic.com
Mendicants http://www.mendicants.org/
and Basilik

Pure Cirkus was born in 2003 as a Seattle-based body art theatre group called P.U.R.E. (People Undergoing Real Experiences). For two years the group performed only within the small community of body modification and suspension, keeping to nightclubs and private events. In the summer of 2005, as they began combining both circus talents and body modification, the group realized that they had something far larger then they had ever imagined. On Oct 28th 2005, almost overnight, the group called P.U.R.E was transformed into PURE Cirkus and performed for the first time under their new name. By pulling together talented performers from all over the country they push the limits of the human mind and body by combining circus performance with Tribal theatre. They have embraced all forms of entertainers such as jugglers, clowns, sideshow freaks, fire, suspension and piercing enthusiasts, dancers, acrobats, aerialists, musicians and other circus and cabaret artists that have come together to build what will be a lasting circus that will entertain people for generations. http://www.purecirkus.com/
Visuals by: Yuba Foxfire http://www.foxfire.name/yuba/

B]Decibel Minimal Dinosaur:

SHUTTLE 358 (12k, Mille Plateaux – NY - LIVE SET!) Also known as the critically acclaimed artist Shuttle 358 on the NY based label 12k, Dan Abrams created quite a stir in the US minimal electronic scene with his debut release Optimal.lp in 1999 in which he seamlessly blended the soft sounds of ambient music with the granular aesthetics of modern digital minimalism. This release defined his style and gave birth to many imitators. With his Mille Plateaux debut Stream, Abrams makes further developments uncovering dance music's archetype; be it techno, trance, drum 'n' bass or downtempo - and shows them in their most sublime state. Abrams' creative lifestyle extends beyond the recording studio in his work for Sony Pictures digital artistry division. He is also an accomplished graphic designer and was responsible for the creation of 12k's now infamous laser-cut sleeve design for .aiff. 'Dan Abrams' first CD as Shuttle358 struck many listeners as a minor masterpiece, but Frame (his 2nd album) is even more accomplished, ranking alongside Aphex Twin's SAW II and Eno's Music for Airports in its evocation of imaginary space.' - Alternative Press http://www.12k.com/shuttle358.html

Logic Probe (Paint, Dustortion Records – SEA - LIVE SET!) Derek and Dave got their start using beat-up records, yard sale keyboards, effects pedals, and Logic Probe as a groundwork for their sound. Over time, their equipment has steadily evolved from samplers and keyboards to laptop computers yet their offbeat musical vision has remained intact, never shying away from unexplored territory. Logic Probe has completed soundtrack work for several independent films, self-produced three full-length albums, remixed songs for bands such as Botch, Waxwing, and Obelus, and has played shows all over the Northwestern U.S. Logic Probe performed a brilliant set at the 2006 Decibel Festival, where they shared the stage with Telefon Tel Aviv, Lusine, Apparat and Alex Smoke. http://www.dustortion.com

Kris Moon (Decibel Festival, Laptop Battle – SEA – LIVE SET!) Since moving to Seattle in 1998 and landing a job at Capitol Hill record shop Zion's Gate, Kris Moon has established himself as a versatile DJ with impeccable taste. He went on to help shape the legendary, electro-debauched Robo.trash night and elevate the laptop-battle concept to global recognition while winning two of the competitions himself. Besides his frenetic itinerary behind Ableton Live interfaces and Technics, Moon also oversees the educational component of the Decibel Festival. As a DJ, Moon has blown minds with his deep techno, dub, jungle, and even Top-40 hiphop... For all his DJ feats, though, Moon may be even more dope as a producer. His opening sets for world-class techno artists Octave One and Richie Hawtin elevated Moon to VIP status in many observers' ears. Moon's new Kriegspiel Music CD-R reflects his fathoms-deep version of minimal techno, proving his adept assimilation of a most cerebral and chilled take on this Detroit-via-Berlin track construction. http://www.laptopbattle.org

Nordic Soul (Decibel/Dreaming in Stereo/K Records/Buttermilk - SEA) is the solo moniker of Decibel Festival brainchild Sean Horton (Db founder, director and curator). More that just a moniker, the name “Nordic Soul” describes Horton’s production aesthetic, which fuses the soulful sounds of Detroit’s urban landscape (Horton’s upbringing) with the ethereal textures and melodies associated with Northern Europe (Horton’s heritage). Nordic Soul’s solo releases, remixes and collaborations range from instrumental hip hop to deep techno and often pay homage to multiple genres within a single track. Horton’s vast array of influence spawns from almost 20 years as a musician (guitar, bass, keyboards) and 15 years as a DJ and avid music collector. Since Nordic Soul’s inception in 2003 he has shared the stage with a diverse selection of talent including; Bassnectar, Funkstroung, Lusine, T. Raumschmiere, Luomo, New Breed, Boom Bip, Richard Devine, Blue Scholars, Outhud, Phonecia, Electric Birds, Proem, Four Tet, Matthew Dear and Derrick May to name a few. As a performer Nordic Soul brings charisma and energy to the stage and has played an instrumental role in Seattle’s infamous Fourthcity Laptop Battles as both a performer and co-promoter. Horton also performs with the laptop synth-pop quartet “Synth Club” (featuring Reggie Watts on vocals) and the soulful house quintet “Loveslap” (featuring KJ Sawka on drums). http://www.dbfestival.com

Greg Skidmore (PG Series, Oscillate - SEA) is a resident DJ at the Oscillate weekly series at The Baltic Room and a partner with Paul Edwards in the booking collective The PG Series.His style is deep and precise with hints of electro, IDM, funk, techno, and any style that will push the bass bins. His sets are so seamless that it is impossible to tell when one track ends and another begins While his record collection is legendary, Mr. Skidmore still seems to keep the flow smooth without getting too distracted and forgetting about his audience. Even when his mixes lean toward the abstract, a person can find themselves following Greg on his musical path and dance alongside the others that have chosen the journey as well. Make no mistake, our man can fill a dancefloor as well as challenging the sonic sensibilities of his audience and is a master at intriguing track selection. http://www.myspace.com/oscillate_seattle

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IM Soo Stoked for this.. My Legs are already sore thinking about it.
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serisouly this party will be the best of the 2007 , cuz magentic was the best in 2006 . those guys know how to party .... cant wait
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