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Old Dec 10, 05
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Angus Robinson is an unknown quantity at this point
Out Now: Myagi - Dirty Girls (w/ Atomic Hooligan rmx) [Money Shot]


Myagi – Dirty Girls
Including remix from…


MONEY004 A Side: Original Mix | listen
MONEY004 B Side: Atomic Hooligan remix | listen


Money Shot’s 4th release once again looks to the talents of Canadian breakbeat supremo (and self-proclaimed label-whore) Myagi. Carrying on with the theme of the previous Money Shot records, these tunes are funky-ass floor-fillers which will no doubt appeal to a wide audience. Myagi employs some original female vocals, chopped to perfection, layered alongside a pulsating bassline, and tight percussion. As M8 Magazine puts it, “This is purely designed to have maximum dance floor effect,” and we couldn’t agree more.


The tearing Atomic Hooligan remix showcases that genre-defying sound, half way between breaks and house. The Hooligans rip the track apart, adding some of the craziest bass we’ve ever heard, while still keeping the funk alive. In the words of DJ Mag it’s “a terrifically trashy sidewinding electroid b-line. Dirrrrty!” With a feel much like the Hooligan’s remix of Underworld “Cowgirl”, their Dirty Girls remix is certainly gonna be hammered for a while to come.


DJ Icey "Absolutely love the original mix - my fave. Interesting programming with the chopped up vocal bits, reminds me a little of Din Da Da."
Drumattic Twins "Love the atomic hooligan remix, playing it out. The original is hot too. Good work!"
Krafty Kuts "In the box and getting a good airing for sure."
Kid Kenobi "My pick would have to be the Atomic Hooligan remix. I really like the electro breaks cross over thing. Great distorted vibe."
SuperStyleDeluxe "Hooligan's mix is more up my street - very mature sounding & compliments well. All in all, a tight package."
Koma + Bones "Both mixes work really well. Dirty beats!"
Adam Freeland "Liking the Atomic Hooligan remix. Will give it a whirl."
Bass Kleph "Nice contrast between the two mixes. Good for two different times of the night."
Meat Katie "I'm loving the Atomic Hooligan remix!!! Wicked stuff."
Simply Jeff "I love it!"
Mark Oliver "I like the Atomic Hooligan remix. I played it at The Guvernment and it went over well."
Friendly "They sound fat! Not sure which one I prefer - original or remix. They've both got their own flavour and place. I'll give em both a spin."
Crystal Method "Thanks for the Myagi promo. We played the AH remix on our radio show."
Deekline "Really like it."
Move Ya[/b] "Charted at #2"
Lars Moston (Killergroove Formula) "The Atomic Hooligan mix is absolutely massive. Will give it huge plays and put it down for the German Club Chart."
Groove Allegiance "This release is the bomb!!! Yag funks the original, whilst the Hooligans create a big room monster for the remix."
Smithmonger "Loving the original - It's really well produced and engineered. Well done Mr. Myagi, the sounds are coming together nicely."
Jay Cunning "I really like the original, got a real nice skanky vibe. Hooligan remix - what can you say, these boys turn a different corner each tune and never fail to come up with the goods! The Cunning loves Dirty Girls!"
Steelzawheelz "Dirty Girls has been causing damage on the dancefloors for me for a while. Wicked tune. The yagster is on fire!"
Hyper “I like the Atomic Hooligan remix, great use of the vocal. Dancefloor winner! "


DJ Magazine (Carl Loben)
Canadian label whore Myagi steps up for Money Shot with this zippy slab of tech-funk breakbeat. The "Dirty girls" vocal recalls a mid-90s hardbag house vox, but there¹s loads of other elements to get off on too. Wobbling synths, burbling b-line and peaking 303 add more flava to this cheeky little set starter. Those Atomic Hooligan boys muffle and vocoder the vocal and bottom out the beats on their overhaul at first before letting rip with a terrifically trashy sidewinding electroid b-line. Dirrrrrty.

iDJ Magazine (10 Sui)
Toronto-based Canadian breaks label Money Shot release an electro breaks groover complete with a more house-breaks mix and a twisted electro mix from Botchit and Scarper dudes Atomic Hooligan. 'Dirty Girls' presses all the right dancefloor buttons with filter sweeps and a cheeky vocal to boot. Proper groovy bissniss! 4/5

URB Magazine (B-Side)
Man this guy is busy. "Dirty Girls" utilizes a tech-funk beat, electro-y synths and a digitized female vocal hook that should appeal to a broad range of dj's. Atomic Hooligan take the track to new heights on the flip by dropping their genre-defying beats and a cool sounding revving car synth.

M8 Magazine (Derek Taylor)
This is only Money Shot's 4th release but they have already established themselves as a label to look out for. Here, Myagi, delivers a superb funky breaks track which has elements of electro and house thrown in to great effect. This is purely designed to have maximum dance floor effect. Remix duties go to the in form Atomic Hooligan, who twists things up and goes straight for the jugular. Anyone up for some Dirty Girls? M7/M8

Undercover Magazine (DJ Mole)
The 4th single from Canadian based Money Shot Recordings sees Myagi turning in some cool n crisp beats, with a real catchy vocal sample, which should see this getting many a play. The Atomic Hooligan mix thrusts some much needed energy into the original, adding melodic & twisted synth chords into the mix for a proper funk throwdown. 4/5

BRM Magazine (Jonothan Ojeda)
Noisy riffs and twisted metallic sweeps rock this bit making it perfect for big rooms. It’s progressive techno with filtered acid fills yet some how it still manages to keep the ride chalk full of chunk and funk. But don’t be mistaken, it’s more than a rump shaker. It’s a head taker. 4/5

Mofo / iBreaks / breakbeatWorldwide / nuskoolbreaks.co.uk (Jimmy Mofo)
This track dropped by Canada’s Myagi is loads of fun. The “Dirty Girls, Dirty Filthy Girls” vocal hook sits perfectly over driving bass, solid beats and beautiful filtered guitar. The track joshes a house vibe but sits firmly amongst the breakbeat genre. Atomic Hooligan gets the remix fee who add some electro essence and a smatter of dirty funk in the bassline but I’m still down with the original.

InTheMix.com.au (Chris Downton)
Up until now, I must admit that I hadn’t received many breaks releases originating from Canada, but this latest 12" from Toronto-based breaks imprint Money Shot nicely rectifies the situation with a particularly tasty new offering from Myagi, the producer behind well-received recent track ‘Make It Loud.’ On the A-side of this 12", the Original mix of ‘Dirty Girls’ leans firmly towards the tech-funk end of the breaks spectrum, with a slightly electronically processed spoken female vocal phrase sliding over a driving backdrop of crisp tech-infused breakbeats, blipping electro synth patterns and bottom-heavy bass drops, the sinuously groovy rhythms calling to mind BLIM or Chris Carter’s streamlined electro-breaks fusions as bright synth stabs and filtered guitar riffs play around the hard-edged beats. On the flip, Atomic Hooligan supply a reworking that pushes things slightly more towards hybrid house/breakbeats, whilst layering heavy overdriven synth riffs around the robotically-clipped sounding female vocal phrases and even the odd slap-funk bass sample. With a vast breakdown section that sees the high-pitched synths edging way into the red just before the breaks crash back in, this is certainly the mix catering best to the heavier end of the floor, but it still manages to balance its slightly more ferocious elements with a welcome sense of sliding tech-funk that certainly sure to please heads who enjoyed the more driving moments of Atomic Hooligan’s recent ‘You Are Here’ album. A wicked 12" package from Money Shot that marks this relatively new Canadian breaks imprint as definitely one to watch; while both mixes here are fantastic, for my money, the Original mix just slightly edges out in front here with its fluid and addictive blend of slightly sleazoid tech-funk.

PlasticSoup.com (James Orton)
Ahead of his debut gig in Liverpool the prolific Myagi returns this month with yet another release on a different label. The Original mix is in a similar vein to "Bring me all your Beer and Women", with the production remaining second to none and making the record an instant standout. It builds and breaks in all the right places with a trademark grooving Myagi bassline, a tasty chopped vocal and tight percussion turning this slab into pure dance floor cannon fodder. The Atomic Hooligan remix takes this track in a very different direction and it’s good to see an adventurous and high profile choice of remixer, adding value to the release. The harder electro vibe is not quite up my street but it is definitely effective, with the whining bass and distorted vocals complimenting each other well. This remix will surely help raise Myagi’s profile with djs who previously would not have played his stuff, while perhaps not adhering itself to the funky breakbeat hardcore. 9/10

ResidentAdvisor.net (Karl Palma)
Canadian breakbeat producer Myagi has been making quite a name for himself lately with releases on West, Splank and Pure Phunk (as Sole Claw) and has found his Smartbomb tune included on the Plump DJ's Saturday Night Lotion album. Following up his earlier release, Make It Loud, on upstart label Moneyshot Recordings, Myagi returns with a dancefloor number for the Dirty Girls. Side A. Original Mix: On a heavy 4 to the floor tip, Dirty Girls is a pumping tech-funker with a subtle intro loaded with electro female vox. A driving bassline kicks in accompanied by an electro synth hook - you'd be forgiven for thinking this isn't breakbeat with the exception of an off-beat kick drum that adds a touch of bottom end. Myagi plays around wth a lot of vocal effects and various synth lines but what really gets etched into your head are the "dirty girls, dirty, filthy girls" vocals that get played throughout. Side B. Atomic Hooligan Remix: On the vinyl sampler of their debut album, You Are Here, Atomic Hooligan added a bonus tune - The Girl Is Filth - which featured a reverend's voice preaching on top of a wicked breakbeat about "how the DJ directs us to a better place"... uhhh nothing about how filthy the girl is though. They make up for that by doing this remix and here they take the bassline and give it a fatter sound, making it sound rounder in the process. The beats switch between breakbeat and 4 to the floor while keeping the awesome vocal samples intact. In continuing with the Hooligan's rock trend, the breakdown in the middle features a funky bass riff solo accompanied by a thumping kick drum - enough to get hands waving. Moneyshot has been pulling out quality releases since their first release and this one is no different - pure dancefloor quality. 8/10


BBC Radio 1 (UK)
Kiss FM (UK)
Indie 103.1 FM (Los Angeles)
103.5 WKTU (New York City)
WINK-FM (Florida)
2XX 98.3 FM (Australia)
UP FM (New Zealand)

ProtonRadio.com (US/CAN)
BreaksFM.com (UK)
iBreaks.com (UK)
Sirius Radio (US/Canada)
1Groove.com (Canada)


Available now for worldwide distribution (as of Nov 28, 2005) via Intergroove UK

TEL: + 44 (0) 20 8838 2000
FAX : + 44 (0) 20 8838 2003
EMAIL : sales@intergroove.co.uk
WEB: http://www.intergroove.co.uk


There are plenty of tasty nuggets in the works with Money Shot... the next of which is:

MONEY005 - Steelzawheelz - Discotron (with Drumattic Twins remix)
MONEY006 - Circuit Breaker - Left Hook (with SuperStyleDeluxe remix)

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Old Dec 10, 05
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soma will become famous soon enough
been getting lots of play out of this one .

tight like a tiger!
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to what!#%
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revert is an unknown quantity at this point
i love the original.
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Lenny is on a distinguished road
with the bangers this dude's been puttin out it's about time he payed a visit to our fair city...
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Myagi nailed it with this one, solid tune.
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