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Old Oct 01, 08
Join Date: Feb 2007
DJ Sw@t is on a distinguished road
DJ S W @ T / Winnipeg, MB (Drum & Bass/Dubstep/Electro/Chill-out)

DJ S W @ T

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Genre(s): Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro, Bassline, House, Chill-out, Abmient
Cyber Groove AM, Viper Recordings, Breakz R Boss, DNB Girls

Most deejay’s that embrace the art of mixing records may never put the time and effort to progress past their bedroom door. This isn’t the case with dj Sw@t, who has been hustling non-stop to ensure her spot in the drum&bass hierarchy. Since 2005 Sw@t has been a driving force of new urban sounds with unprecedented enthusiasm. Skill and recognition comes with knowledge, and the curious mind of Sw@t is what drives her to make new connections with like minded heads from across Canada, and abroad promoting herself and others while gaining more knowledge and respect from her drum&bass peers.

Being directly involved with the classic d&b weekly Extra Strength Saturday’s it was the inception that would evolve as promoters and heads alike began to take note of the sounds of dj Sw@t. An evolution that would get her booked at numerous club nights and grimey all night events, locally and across the nation; so much so that she had enough of a following to make a new stamp on the scene with her own production camp known as Hi-Rev. While not only representing her hometown and sound, it was clear that there needed to be better representation for the ladies making real moves in the national scene by starting the collective known as DNB Girls Of Canada to show the nation that this isn’t just a boys club.

Well rounded in the sounds of drum&bass, and dubstep it’s clear that Sw@t is turning heads from her guest appearances on Bassdrive’s rinse-out radio, podcasts for djvibe.com to her own live radio show on KrisisDnB and more recently on Global Vortex Radio, it really is hard not pay attention. With interviews for Kmag online, ravescum.com and djvibe.com she’s gaining well deserved hype and her onslaught of dj mixes, and charisma are to blame. Her mixing style is her own with banging bass-heavy anthems to liquid and soulful sounds, Sw@t is a true selector, she’s a crowd pleaser who hypes party-goers with choice tunes and dub plates, keeping her style eclectic and fresh.

Like ripping people bass-faces off with diverse and energetic track selections wasn’t enough, Sw@t expands her skills into the studio releasing a soulful dubstep jam “Base Case” in 2009 and more recently her collaboration with notorious Inside Info on the d&b smasher “Awkward”, released July 12th on Viper recordings and another tune, "Bottled" also set to release on Viper Recordings featuring SW@T with Inside Info along with Music Video. This summer you can also expect the electro banging release of "Feel It" on Breakz R Boss Recordings by Tripwave feat. SW@T. Just goes to show that her ride doesn’t stop there while the demand for Sw@t to stay on top of her game becomes more and more evident. Watch this space.

"Feel It" Tripwave feat. SW@T (Toronto is Broken Remix) - Breakz R Boss
Only put the video ID in between the BB code tags, NOT the full URL!

"Bottle" Inside Info feat. SW@T (Viper Recordings) Official Music Video:

Bottle Music Video Sneak Peak:
Only put the video ID in between the BB code tags, NOT the full URL!

K@_BOOM! Promo Video:
Only put the video ID in between the BB code tags, NOT the full URL!

Vikingsays.com - http://vikingsays.com/dj-swt-interview-exclusive-mix/
Dogs on Acid - http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthread...4&mode=article
Kmag.co.uk (10.13.09) - http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/blogs/dancefloor/668 www.RaveScum.com (06.19.09) - http://ravescum.com/features/interviews/1464-djswat DJViBE.com: djs | media | music | culture | video | podcasts (11.12.08) - DJ Sw@t Interview | DJViBE.com

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DJ Sets/CD's for Download

Featured Mixes:

Vikingsays.com (Drumstep/Drum&Bass/Dubstep/Electro) (04.17.12) - (Girl of Anarchy) Vikingsays.com Exclusive - DJ SW@T by DJ SW@T on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Elevated (Chill-out/Ambient/Dubstep) - Elevated - SW@T (Chill Out/Ambient/Dubstep) Mix by dfdjswatcom on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Fresh Like That featuring Dee (Dubstep/Drum&Bass)- Fresh Like That (Featuring Dee) DJ SW@T (Drum & Bass / Drumstep / Dubstep) by DJ SW@T on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Dogs on Acid (Drum & Bass/Dubstep) (10.08.10) Dogs On Acid Mix (www.dogsonacid.com) by DJ SW@T on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Mediate to this Bitch(Dubstep) - Meditate to this, bitch – SW@T (Dubstep mix) | DJViBE.com

Get Grounded.TV (10.17.09) - http://www.getgrounded.tv/gtv/ELECTR...y%22_Mix_.html

RaveScum - http://ravescum.com/listen/featured-...67-dj-swat-mix

DJVIBE Mag (09.26.09) - DJ SW@T Dubstep Mixtape | DJViBE.com (Dubstep Mixtape)

DJVIBE Mag (03.18.09) - DJ Sw@T – Party Like A Rockstar Vol.2 | DJViBE.com (Party Like A Rockstar vol. 2)

DJVIBE Mag (11.12.08) - DJViBE FM Mixtape 17: DJ SW@T + NEX MC – Party Like a Rockstar: Drum & Bass + Dubstep Mix | DJViBE.com (Party Like A Rockstar vol. 1)

DJVIBE Mag (09.18.08) - DJViBE FM Podcast 15 – DJ Sw@t – Summer DUBSTEP + DNB Exclusive | DJViBE.com (Summer 08 Mixtape)

SWatT VS KOZEE on PushRadio.com "DNB in your face" : 07/31/08

SWatT & Special Guest DJs Maniak & B.traits on PushRadio.com "DNB in your face" : 09/27/07

On Rotation @ Phatbeats.net / ProtokolRadio.com / KrisisDNB.com / PushRadio.com

SW@T "The Haters Love Me" (DNB Mix): 08/08/08

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

DJ SWAT - Sexy Woman @ Tech
Viper Recordings Viper Recordings
Cyber Groove Artist Management Cyber Groove AM
PUSH Radio
PROTOKOL Radio | Drum and Bass / Jungle 24/7 - Home
Suave Assassins
FoulPlay Records
.::: Padded Cell Productions :::: HOME :::.
MySpace.com - DJ SW@T - Winnipeg, CA - Drum & Bass / Jungle / Hip Hop - www.myspace.com/djswat
Search Names | Facebook
MySpace.com Blogs - DJ SW@T MySpace Blog

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Are/Were you a resident DJ, if so where?

Lo-Rev Tuesdays @ Noir
Hi-Rev Wednesdays @ Hifi
Re-Fresh Thursdays @ Energy Lounge
Dubstep Sessions @ Room 720 (Fridays)
Extra Strength Saturdays @ Die Maschine &The Library
Solution Sundays @ Pompei Lounge

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
What events have you played at?

JAN 10 Noir; LO-REV: Winnipeg, MB
JAN 21 Club HiFi; Hi-REV DJ B.Traits: Winnipeg, MB
FEB 06 Vintage Lounge: Edmonton, AB
FEB 07 Club Soda: Calgary, AB
FEB 28 The Academy; Hi-REV: Winnipeg, MB
MAR 04 Red Cactus; LO-REV: Winnipeg, MB
MAR 07 The Academy; Hi-REV KJ Sawka: Winnipeg, MB
APR 03 Easy Skanking; Hi-Rev: Winnipeg, MB
APR 11 Skunk Funk: Vancouver, BC
APR 17 Club Soda: Calgary, AB
APR 18 Starlite Room: Edmonton, AB
JUN 05 DJ Bombah; Hi-REV: Winnipeg, MB
JUN 06 Ozzy's; Just Dance: Winnipeg, MB
JUN 13 Faded Elements; Hi-REV: Winnipeg, MB
JUN 27 Ozzy's; Just Dance: Winnipeg, MB
JUL 03 Sport Complex: OakVille, ON
JUL 04 White Orchid: Toronto, ON
JUL 17 Lotus: Ottawa, ON
JUL 22 - Koi Bar: Montreal, QC
JUL 24 - TBA: London, ON
JUL 30 - Paragon Theatre: Halifax, NS
AUG 2 CEMF: Kitchner, ON
AUG 8 - Desiderata Festival: Bainbridge. NY(MF)
SEP 4 Zen Music Summit: Montreal, QC(CG)
Oct. 16 Dubstep Sessions: Winnipeg, MB
Oct. 24 Street Fighter: Winnipeg, MB
Nov. 13 Dubstep Sessions: Winnipeg, MB
Nov. 18 OMFG DJ Competition
Dec. 11 Dubstep Sessions: Winnipeg, MB
Dec.12 Psylent Night: Winnipeg, MB

(More need to be added)
Events of 2008:
JAN 10 Energy Lounge; Re-Fresh: Winnipeg, MB
JAN 17 Energy Lounge; Re-Fresh: Winnipeg, MB
FEB 15 Wheeles; Seduction: Winnipeg, MB
FEB 21 Blush Ultra Club; Reading Week: Winnipeg, MB
APR 04 Electrocution: Winnipeg, MB
APR 05 Am After-hours: Winnipeg, MB
APR 18 Jungle Juice: Winnipeg, MB
APR 23 Club Vibe; Dirty Wednesdays: Winnipeg, MB
APR 25 Event Exchange Center; R.O.S Event: Winnipeg, MB
MAY 03 Wake Board Event: Winnipeg, MB
MAY 23 Sonar; Euphoria: Winnipeg, MB
JUN 21 Event Exchange Center; Soundwave Event: Winnipeg, MB
JUN 25 Club Vibe; DJ Cains Return: Winnipeg, MB
JUL 17 Energy Lounge; Re-Fresh: Winnipeg MB
JUL 18 Event Exchange Center; Tech Itch Show: Winnipeg, MB
AUG 09 Chicks Flip Out 08: Winnipeg, MB
AUG 09 Event Exchange Center; R.O.S Show: Winnipeg, MB
SEP 12 Wheeles; Vinyl Fantasy: Winnipeg, MB
SEP 24 KrisisDNB Guest DJ;(Toronto) Miss Blyss: Winnipeg, MB
SEP 26 ProtokolRadio Guest MC;(Toronto) K-MC-B: Winnipeg, MB
SEP 27 Sonar; Hi-Revolution: FEAT. K-MC-B: Winnipeg, MB
OCT 18 Event Exchange Center; Freaky Flow Show: Winnipeg, MB
OCT 24 Private B-Day Party: Winnipeg, MB
OCT 24 AM After Hours @ 272 Sherbrook: Winnipeg, MB
OCT 31 Scream @ Wheelies Complex: Winnipeg, MB
NOV 26 Club HiFi; Hi-REV: Winnipeg, MB
DEC 05 Petit Campus; KO-Beat Concierge: Montreal,QC
DEC 12 Velvet Lounge; Nuff Dubbz: Cambridge,ON
DEC 20 Blue Moon; Sound Enforcement: Toronto,ON
DEC 21 Demolition on KrisisDNB w/ Masheen, Mississagua, ON
DEC 27 Merlin's; Christmas Fiya Event: Buffalo, NY

Events of 2007:
MAR 12 Empire; 02 Lounge: Winnipeg, MB
MAR 28 Club Vibe; Nouveau Disco: Winnipeg, MB
APR 28 Empire; Suz B day Bash: Winnipeg, MB
MAY 10 Rhino Amsterdam; West Coast Tour: Calgary, AB
MAY 17 The Jungle Room; West Coast Tour: Victoria, BC
MAY 18 The Met; Function Fridays: Vancouver, BC
MAY 23 Club Vibe; Nouvear Disco: Winnipeg, MB
JUN 29 Empire; 5th Annual DJ Festival: Winnipeg, MB
JUL 27 Sherbrook; Eclipse: Winnipeg, MB
AUG 03 Connect 12, Bestant Campground SK
SEP 12 Sherbrook; T2 Afterhours: Winnipeg, MB
OCT 05 Empire; 02 Lounge: Winnipeg, MB
OCT 26 Empire; 02 Lounge: Winnipeg, MB
OCT 27 Wheeles; Scream: Winnipeg, MB
NOV 10 Odeon Event Centre; HopeMusicFest: Saskatoon, SK
NOV 22 Energy Lounge; Re-Fresh: Winnipeg, MB
NOV 26 Club Vibe; Essential Wed @ the Vibe: Winnipeg, MB
DEC 31 Pantages Playhouse; B2TF 5: Winnipeg, MB

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Years spinning the decks: 7-8

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Bookings: Scott@CyberGrooveprod.com or bookings@djswat.com
Cyber Groove AM - Cyber Groove Artist Management

Last edited by DJ Sw@t; Oct 08, 12 at 12:30 PM. Reason: Updating Information
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Old Oct 01, 08
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Master Plo Koon
Join Date: Sep 2005
GSG9 is a jewel in the roughGSG9 is a jewel in the roughGSG9 is a jewel in the rough
come play in van.
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Old Oct 01, 08
Join Date: Feb 2007
DJ Sw@t is on a distinguished road
I would really love to! Maybe someday soon when one of your fine promoters bring me out. :)
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Old Apr 15, 09
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Just B - The Digital Jedi
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Darlene! It's B. Remember? Thunder Bass w/ Aimee. Catch you around here sometime. Late-r-r-r!!
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Old Oct 29, 09
Join Date: Feb 2007
DJ Sw@t is on a distinguished road
Up dated and with a new mix too.

Featured on GetGrounded.tv : DJ SW@T "Lost Identity" Mix

Download Link: beatplexity.com - "Beats for the Planet"
SW@T Live (Video) YouTube - DJ SW@T live in Halifax @ the Paragon
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Old Nov 11, 09
Join Date: Feb 2007
DJ Sw@t is on a distinguished road
Updated! Check out the interview section!
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Old Dec 15, 10
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chegele is an unknown quantity at this point

Hey! Will you be spinning for NYE in Wpg?
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Old May 07, 12
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DJ Sw@t is on a distinguished road
Hey guys, updated with current photos, bio, newer mixes and music videos! Enjoy <3<3<3
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Old May 08, 12
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penny88 is an unknown quantity at this point
That's good DJ SWAT......
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Old Oct 08, 12
Join Date: Feb 2007
DJ Sw@t is on a distinguished road
Just a bit of an update on what I've been doing. We recorded another music video this Summer for the tune, "Feel it" Tripwave feat. SW@T (Toronto Is Broken Remix) - and it is currently the #1 Break Beat track on TRACKiTDOWN.net

Here is the official music video recorded on the rooftop patio of Tavern United in the Downtown Winnipeg area produced and directed by: Cory Quinn

Feel It - Tripwave f. SW@T (Toronto Is Broken Remix Radio Edit) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] Breakz R Boss - YouTube
Only put the video ID in between the BB code tags, NOT the full URL!


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