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Old Jun 13, 01
Join Date: Apr 2001
*baby*nat* is an unknown quantity at this point

okay, i though of this at lunch. i know it kida contradicts my post-'always smile' but yeah....

I sit here, alone, thinking highschool is like that saying-"you can't live with them, and you can't live without them [boys/girls]. highschool is just like that. the experience of highschool is something you need to become an individual, to grow as a person. but boy, is that experience a bitch.

I'm not even grad-ing this year. i'm only in grade eleven, and here i am, sitting outside at the bleachers. everyones inside the cafe, sighning annuals. why am i not there, simply because i got screwed over, and didn't recieve an annual. plus, who wants to be with those fakers anyways.

I'm thankful i have a life outside of school. if i didn't, i'd most likely be depressed, rather than just sick and tired of all this bullshit.

highschool is so over rated.

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Old Jun 13, 01
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yup......took me longer than u to realize it too.......but hey think of all the experiences u have had thru out highschool....i mean there are things that u'll never have the oppurtunity to do again......or never will do again......its all part of the growing cycle....thats y most of the time i only hang with out of school friends from parties and what not, or only with a few school friends that i actually enjoy....all i can say is for gr. 12 do all of ur hw, study like a bitch, be in every class (when u can), and party hard!
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Old Jun 13, 01
i really look like this!
Join Date: Apr 2001
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highschool is hell
But it's a hell we have to live through

You have to play the cards dealt to you. You have to live with what you're given. Highschool friendships are basically comfort zones.. Just a back-up plan to know that you have somewhere to go during lunchtime.. A partner during social studies class. Sum one to call if you forgot your homework...

"Oh this is my best FRIEND we talk on the phone EVERY day".. bahaha give me a fucking break.

Highschool. They cram 1000+ kids together into different classes and force them all to get along. Those who don't become "enemies" those who do, "friends"... the definitions of freindships are so fucking shallow it's unbelievable. The definition of any relationship for that matter.

the main goal in this game is to live through it.
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Old Jun 13, 01
Join Date: Apr 2001
bebe is an unknown quantity at this point
i graduated last year, and i have seen the difference between the real world and high school.
isnt it ironic that the person that u hate most wrote in ur yr book, saying all this crap abt being friends 4ever and keep in touch?!? i mean as if im gonna call this person!?!? i looked at my yr book from last yr and some msgs just disgust me...
but anyways, the truth is that after u graduate, u wont see most of these ppl again... yeah maybe u'll bump into them once in a while, but still... think abt it... u see these ppl everyday... if no one makes an effort to stay in touch, the chances r that u wont see them again....
so my advice is dont take high school too seriously, dont stress abt it.... yes all the fakeness and 2faced bitches are a pain in the ass, dont let them get to ya...

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Old Jun 13, 01
Join Date: Jan 2001
~lazee_grrl~ is an unknown quantity at this point
highskool..as much as i say i ahte it and i do not liker highskool..and as much as i know i wanna get outta there...i know that sumhow i will miss it...i dunno...sorta like the feeling of how i'd never miss elementary skool but i do miss it now if i think about it...the carefree happy days...wutever wutever...
i still can't wait to get outta the hell hole my skool is....but i don't think the real world is or can be much better....with soooo many more people out there...there's gonna more coniving, bitchy, twofaced people...the experience of those people thru highskool prepare us for the real sharks and sly snakes out in the world...hmmm...
someone said to me yesterday...that sorta stuff doesn't get better when ur out of highskool...if not the same...its way worse...~
u just gotta beware...and live ur life and have fun...
(just one more year)..:Lazee:
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Old Jun 13, 01
E is for Erica ;)
Join Date: Feb 2001
Erica is an unknown quantity at this point
I HATE HIGHSCHOOL! :024: With a hot and flaming passion. I had to drop out of grade 12 in Jan cuz of medical problems, and I had the choice whether to return next Sept, do correspondance, or go to adult school. I didn't choose highschool, cause...well, I'd rather shoot myself. And not choosing correspondance is pretty self-explanitory. It takes a lot of self-motivation to do, especially if they're big grade 12 courses like Bio. Sooo...adult school is where I'm going to be at. But reading this post brought back a lot memories of how high school was like. The cliques, the boredom, the fakeness...I'm definitely glad that I have a life outside of school. Some people just seem to have the greatest high school years, but I'm just not into all that school spirit SHIT.

Erica :AZN:
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Old Jun 13, 01
free your mind
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princess is an unknown quantity at this point
i've finally realized that high school's a bitch. but i can't be spending the rest of next year being bitter about. whether i'm putting on a facade or if i am acutally happy, i'm gonna stay smiling. no matter how hard it is because it's the only way to get through it. hating the world ain't gonna help w/shit. yah. growing up IS hard. i finally get it.
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Old Jun 14, 01
Fuck the corporate world
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dragon boi is an unknown quantity at this point
yep highschool does suck i hate it
but it kinda grows on to you.....I mean, what happens when u grad and theres nothing to do???
pretty much sit at home and eat, sleep, and take craps......hey that doesn't soud too bad at all.. hell can't wait to get out of highschool i'll have all the free time in the world to do whatever I feel yeppy!!! hehe
but theres always a down side to it all....after all the fun is said and done we realize that the freedom has left cuz now we gotta look toward collage/university.....man does school ever end????
i need to know!
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